1. JohnHopper

    Television Producer: BRUCE GELLER (1930-1978)

    Author, composer, writer, songwriter, producer and educated at Yale University (BA degree). He joined ASCAP in 1961. While producing Rawhide, he developed the idea for a new “cloak-and-dagger” series, Mission: Impossible. In 1966, Geller created, wrote, produced, and directed Mission...
  2. D

    Need help with Windows MiniPC displaying static on TV when woken up

    I've got my NUC MiniPC (NUC11PAHI5) running Windows 10, hooked up via HDMI to my TV - an Android TV (branded 'Motorola' in my country, but going by firmware, deviceId etc, most likely a rebranded Skyworth) which supports 4K HDR. When I wake it from sleep mode, it displays static, with loud...
  3. ToddJ

    Does the Sony KD50X80K 50" television work well with the AppleTV app & will the Google photos screensaver work on this TV?

    Does the Apple TV+ app work well with this TV (in other words...will all my movies and music from iTunes show up once i download the app?) Also, will it do a google screensaver from my google photos?
  4. J

    Thoughts & Experience with this Television

    SAMSUNG QN65Q80R 65" Class Q80R QLED Smart 4K UHD TV Considering this make & model to replace our prime video entertainment source in the house. See it regarded well of CR, for starters. Any suggestions on a better choice, plusses and minuses of this unit, or any other helpful thoughts would be...
  5. F

    Paradise 1988 TV Western

    This was won of the last great TV western series, even won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music. A former gunfighter takes in his deceased sister's four children to the town of Paradise, where he becomes the sheriff. Warner Archive released the 1st season, 3 or...
  6. C

    Universal Television Logos on DVD?

    Does anybody know what DVDs of material Universal Television produced -- whether released through Universal Studios Home Entertainment or sublicensed to Mill Creek or Shout! Factory -- keep the original Universal Television logos intact? I read not all of them keep them, hence why I am asking...
  7. JohnHopper

    Blu-Ray Wish List for Vintage Television

    What is your Blu-Ray wish list for vintage television?
  8. Josh Dial

    Your "Top 20" Favourite Television Shows of the Last 10 years (2010–2019)

    I figured it would be interesting to list and discuss our 20 favourite shows of the last 10 years. I’ve read (and listened to podcast episodes) on this topic over the last few weeks, but frankly I care less about what random people think and more about what you fine forum members think. Perhaps...
  9. Greg Lovern

    HD Tivo image quality on 4K television set

    We've had our Tivo Roamio Plus since 2015, watching it on an HD DLP TV, and all was well. Recently we upgraded the TV to a 4K model, the new Sanyo FW65R70F. On the new TV, streamed HD content upscaled to 4K looks great, and blu-ray disks in our old blu-ray player (we still don't have a 4K disk...
  10. Dave Moritz

    Television For Christmas Gift

    Going to be doing a lot of research like many of us will be doing this Christmas season for a new shinny tv for a Christmas gift. Even many non forum members will be running out this year to be buying a new tv for a Christmas gift. Was originally thinking Sony right off the bat but the thought...
  11. JohnHopper

    Robert Walker, Jr. has passed at 79 Son of Golden Age actor Robert Walker, Robert Jr. has a similar career as Peter Fonda. I remembered him in Star Trek ("Charlie X") and The Invaders ("Panic") but also in The Big Valley ("My Son, My Son"), The...
  12. JohnHopper

    Vintage Television Typeface Corner

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  13. JohnHopper

    Vintage Television Soundtrack Corner

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  14. JohnHopper

    The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre (BD/DVD) Available for Preorder

    The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre is on pre-order at Amazon. Blu-ray ($29.95) DVD ($19.95) Editorial Reviews BRAND NEW RESTORATION IN 2K! Legendary writer and producer Joseph Stefano (Psycho and TV’s The Outer Limits) and star Martin...
  15. JohnHopper

    RIP Tim O'Connor (1927-2018)

    • He was on countless telefilms and television series throughout the 1960's and 1970's as the dry character actor. • He was the guest actor on many Quinn Martin series: see 12 O'Clock High, The Fugitive, The FBI, Dan August, Cannon, Banyon, The Streets of San Francisco, Barnaby Jones, The...
  16. geordiejohn

    Television above a coal effect gas fire

    Hello I have got a Pansonic led tv above a gas fire and I was wondering if it is safe to have the fire on? Thank you.
  17. C

    Paramount Television and VEI DVD… for 2018?

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  18. Z

    Audio lag on my Sharp P5000U FHD TV

    Hi. I'm fairly new to this forum site, and I was just wondering if anyone could help me. You see, a few months ago, I got a Sharp P5000U TV. Not 4K, which was fine. I just wanted a newer TV that could replace my around-10-year-old Ölevia TV. I noticed that the audio was behind the video when...
  19. Scott Hart

    Philips Announces New OLED 4K UHD Television

    Scott Hart Philips Announces New OLED 4K UHD Television TP Vision has unveiled its second Philips-branded OLED TV at a launch event in Madrid this week, following on from the critically-acclaimed 901F series launched late last year. Like the 55POS901F, the Philips 9002 will come in one...
  20. Alf S

    What is your favorite television era?

    If you had to pick just ONE, what would it be and why?
  21. John Morgan

    My last 3 Holy Grails for 50s television series

    THE REAL McCOYS. It came out on DVD, but every episode except the pilot was the syndicated version of 22 minutes instead of 26 minutes. LASSIE series. I would be happy with the first 4 seasons (Jeff years). FURY series. I don't know who owns this, but I saw a few episodes on an Alpha disc...
  22. Tony Bensley

    GILLIGAN'S ISLAND - DVD SEASON & SERIES SETS (2004-2012) - Pros, Cons, Incongruities & Imponderables

    Released by Warner Brothers, the Gilligan's Island Season and series DVD sets were first issued in 2004/05 as double-sided/dual layered discs. The DVDs were housed in fold out cardboard casing, which included episode listings, and supplements information. The above was reissued in 2012 on...
  23. LouA

    1950's Television . Westerns , Sitcoms , Variety , Drama , etc .

    I frequently post on the thread regarding the "End of black and white Television on DVD". Many of us do, posting info about new releases, existing releases, or whatever . So it occurred to me that , it might be a good idea to start a new thread where fans of nineteen fifties ( and early sixties...
  24. Tony Bensley

    Television Shows That Were Cancelled After Major Cliffhangers!

    Recently, in one of the topics (Supergirl (CBS)) which I participate, the posts shifted to discussion of the worst cases of unresolved season ending cliffhangers that were the end result of a sudden (And often, quite unexpected!) series cancellation. For me, the one that really stings is A&E...
  25. Tony Bensley

    Why Doesn't Amazon/iTunes Offer SD/HD Digital Download Options Outside U.S. Territories?

    While my personal preference is for Physical Media, of late, I've found myself posting rants against the lack of accessibility regarding SD/HD Digital Downloads via the U.S. Amazon and iTunes platforms, for which there appears to be no viable equivalent in Canada, or so far as I know, anywhere...