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Your "Top 20" Favourite Television Shows of the Last 10 years (2010–2019) (1 Viewer)


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May 3, 2008
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Like Josh S., I can't say that I've even watched 20 shows from the last decade so I did an advance search at IMDB and looked at the top 1500 of 80,812(!?!) TV shows from the last decade.

Here's what I *did* watch at least 1 season of - the Good, the OK, and the Not so good (it's 19 total for those counting):

The Good:

Downton Abbey: Wow! I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed this program. Great period drama. Loved it from first to last.

Game of Thrones: Wasn't even on my radar until a coworker insisted I watch it. She needed someone to talk about the series with her and knew I like this type of program. She had me take her S1 discs for a watch. I took it home for the weekend and watched E1 because I'd told her I would. I watched the entire season that day, took it back Monday, and asked for S2. I purchased both after those viewings and then got S3 when it was released the following month. After that I piggy backed on her HBO account each season to watch it live so we could discuss it later and purchased all the seasons as they became available. I loved it - until the show runners ran out of book for story/plot and proved they're mostly clueless when it comes to such things. Still, I mostly enjoyed it up until the end. I'll purchase S8 when the price drops.

Vikings: A blind buy based on the theme. I've really enjoyed the 2 seasons I've seen thus far and have the rest in the queue.

The Man in the High Castle: Phillip K. Dick is one of my favorite SF authors. The novella on which this is based has an interesting concept. I really like the series in spite of it being mostly tangentially related to the novella (basic plot/characters and little else). Still have S4 to watch and have been trying not to binge it but go slow and savor each episode.

The Flash: OK... The Flash is a guy who runs fast. As a kid I only read the comic if Superman made an appearance (rare). I still have the same opinion and only purchased S1 of this because it was cheap. I was surprised that it's quite entertaining - at least S1. I own the next 3 but haven't made time for them.

The Last Kingdom: Total blind buy based on the synopsis and theme. I greatly enjoyed it.

The Orville: Star Trek with a bit of humor. Really fun series and more Star Trek than "Discovery" ever thought to be. I hate that it's moved behind a streaming paywall - hopefully they'll continue physical copies, but it's now under Disney's control - the most physical release unfriendly studio out there.

Supergirl: I really like the character and have read most of the comics based on it. Blind buy for S1 that I enjoyed enough to purchase the next 2. Still up in the air but promising.

The Goldbergs: A blind buy based solely on the synopsis/description. I own 4 seasons and have watched S1. A very fun program and I'm looking forward to those other seasons.

The Tick: Never read the comics but loved the 2001 series with Patrick Warburton so when I saw it on Amazon I watched it. Binged it actually. Very enjoyable and fun but I understand it's been cancelled/not picked up for more. Bummer.

OK but nothing great:

The 100: I've only seen S1 & S2. It's OK and I'm interested to see where it goes but it's nothing all that great.

Lost in Space: I'm a fan of the original series and was curious about this one. A blind buy of S1. It's OK but nothing great. If they release S2 on physical I'll likely purchase a copy. Otherwise I'll be done with this one.

Stranger Things: Another blind buy - this time just because Target put 2 seasons on sale for under $12. The same coworker who sucked me into GOT recommended it as well. I've watched S1 and find it OK but am not in any hurry to watch S2. Just didn't pull me in.

The Not so good:

Westworld: Broken record here - same coworker recommended. I initially resisted because I absolutely do not like the movie upon which it's based. I broke down and purchased S1 on sale ($10). Watched it. Didn't like it (absolutely dislike the score - most distracting thing with gratuitous, obvious, inappropriate, rock song remakes for the sake of being "innovative" I've heard in a very long time). Gave it to my coworker.

Star Trek Discovery: Another polarizing series. I've loved Star Trek since the original series in 1966. Gave up on TNG after S1, enjoyed DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise. Of course I'm going to watch this one. A friend had a CBS "All Access" sub so I piggy backed on it for the first 7 episodes (she dropped her subscription at that point). This is absolutely *not* Star Trek that I can get behind. It's an interesting SF/Action/Adventure series *if* dropped in another timeline (Kelvin) but not in the original universe. I did purchase a copy of S1 (real cheap) to rewatch and see if it improves so that's still up in the air. Right now - It's OK but just OK (at the very bottom of my Star Trek list).

Penny Dreadful: Coworker recommended again. Purchased S1, watched it, didn't care for it.

Orphan Black: Here comes that broken record... Coworker recommended, loaned her S1 set, watched it, didn't care for it.

Cosmos: Love the original with Carl Sagan. Didn't find a single thing to like with this absolutely horrible remake. Half baked "animation" that was as insulting as anything I've seen in a very long time to rewritten segments that lacked real information to delivery that bordered on pandering/talking down. I hope to never have to watch this again.

Falling Skies: Started out pretty good and by S3 started a downhill slide to finish with one of the worst conclusions I've ever seen on a SF series that made it to the finish line. I can't ever see myself rewatching this one.

There are a few I've purchased, all blind buys based on synopsis/theme/description, but haven't made time for:

Sherlock (Complete series)
(All available seasons)
Spartacus (Complete series)
Black Sails (Complete series)
Grimm (Season 1)
The Musketeers (Complete series)
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
(Complete series)
(Season 1 - only season?)
Atlantis (Season 1)


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Dec 31, 2011
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Erich P. Wise
In alphabetical order:

The Carmichael Show
Hawaii Five-0
New Girl
The Orville

Haven't seen the new Twilight Zone or Twin Peaks but if I could have I probably would have watched them since I liked the originals.


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Mar 29, 2020
Hamster Shire
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American Crime (the John Ridley series, not FX's American Crime Story)
Berlin Station
The Expanse
The Handmaid's Tale
Hap and Leonard
Hell on Wheels
The Leftovers
The Man in the High Castle
Orphan Black
Star Trek: Discovery
Twin Peaks: The Return

And I'll cheat somewhat, by including a separate list of 15 non-US shows:

Call Me Fitz (Canadian)
Continuum (Canadian)
Todd & the Book of Pure Evil (Canadian)
The Romeo Section (Canadian)
Black Mirror (UK)
Fortitude (UK)
The Hollow Crown (UK)
Utopia (UK)
Years and Years (UK)
Les revenants (French)
Deutschland 83 (German)
Borgen (Danish)
The Bridge (Swedish/Danish)
Millennium (Swedish) (the expanded TV version of the Salander movies)
Real Humans (Swedish)

Peter M Fitzgerald

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Mar 21, 1999
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Peter Fitzgerald
I was just able to make it to 20 favorites (as opposed to merely 20 I've watched). Besides being favorites, I think these are all generally pretty solid series.

In no particular order:

Better Call Saul
The Americans
Boardwalk Empire
Ray Donovan
The Man in the High Castle
Game of Thrones
Black Mirror
True Detective
(Season 1)
Halt and Catch Fire
The Punisher
Twin Peaks: The Return
Magic City
Ash vs Evil Dead
Jessica Jones

Others I've watched:

The Bastard Executioner
The Borgias
The Bridge
(US remake of the Danish/Swedish original)
The Defenders
Downton Abbey
Family Tree
The Hour
Iron Fist
(saw the first season or two, long ago, need to catch up with the rest of it)
Lost in Space
Luke Cage
(almost made my Top 20)
Schitt's Creek
The Vikings
(as with Longmire, I need to catch up with several seasons)


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Jul 25, 2012
Darlington, UK
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Straight off the top of my head:
Being Human
The Fades
Inside No.9
The Bodyguard
Years and years
An honorable woman
The night manager
Baghdad central
Berlin station
Killing Eve
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Jan 2, 2001
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Scott Hanson
You guys have me convinced I need to watch the Twin Peaks return. Is it a prerequisite to have seen the original series?

By the way, how is 'Better Call Saul' only mentioned twice in this thread?

Lord Dalek

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Apr 4, 2005
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Joel Henderson
You guys have me convinced I need to watch the Twin Peaks return. Is it a prerequisite to have seen the original series?

Not only do you have to watch the tv series but also the movie and the deleted scenes "movie".

Lord Dalek

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Apr 4, 2005
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Joel Henderson

Black Mirror
Twin Peaks: The Return
The Leftovers
True Detective seasons 1 and 3 (forget 2)
Big Little Lies
Chilling Adventures of Sabina
Mozart in the Jungle

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