Microsoft's Windows Embedded Compact, the phoenix rising from the ashes of all the tablets that have

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Sam Posten, Jun 2, 2010.

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    Possibly might not suck so much?
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    I've been playing with it today, since it was up for download. I've been playing with it on an Atom 330 (Acer Netbook) using a pop-in 30G HDD.

    I'm not sure how this will play on all platforms... but just as people commented on Win7 being so much faster then Vista... this thing is crazy fast on an Atom 330. Here's my thoughts: NOTE: THIS IS AN UPGRADE TO WINCE, NOT A REAL WIN7 COMPARABLE.

    (1) Still a ways to go, or may need some better hardware.

    (2) if the touch thing works through RDP, which they say it does, then the POS (Point of Sale) side will be insane on this thing. Since the directprint function does work fine, and it does remote and generic/txt print (CHIT) this thing could be the bomb for restaurants or those with vertical market apps.

    (3) Exchange connector works very well.

    Small install size. Once done with install, total space: 3.4G used. You could almost get one of these done and image to cheap flash media.

    One thing to be said: This is NOT a challenger to the ipad. I expect the Ipad would kick this thing without serious cost for a media/game type device. But as a tool for business management who want neater integration into their point of sale apps? Or someone wanting a cool next gen media device with those things? Slick.

    And fast. Like crazy, crazy fast.

    Did I mention: fast?

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