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Ronneil Camara

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 2, 2002
Hey guys,

I called an authorized B&W and Paradigms speakers about a week ago. I was asking about the MSRP of B&W 601s and 602s. I also asked how it sounded. He told me that it was nice. Then he asked me what my speakers where. I told him that I currently have an Atom. Then he told me that if I want to try to listen to Monitor 5 or 7 because according to his ears, it sounds better than 601s/602s and IIRC, he mentioned that it's cheaper. What do you think about the performance of Monitor5 or 7 over BW 601 or 602? I know that I should listen to it but I want your comments too.




Second Unit
Jul 31, 2000
Don't let the Atoms affect your choice of speaker. The Atoms are great little speakers, but don't represent the entire Paradigm line.

I have Paradigm Titans, CC-170 center and ADP-170 surrounds.

I liked them fine, and wanted to upgrade.

I listened to the Mini Monitors, because they didn't have the 5's in stock.

I liked them, within my budget, and ordered the 5's. I found them WAY too bright and a little bith harsh with my Rotel 1056 receiver.

I actually decided to return them and get the Paradigm Focus for mains and the CC-270 center (with matching drivers to the Focus) and then get a more audiophile speaker down the road when I could afford them, something like the Vienna Acoustics "Haydn Grand" bookshelf or the new "Bach" floorstander.

I also found the B&W not to my liking.

However, both are popular brands, and like you said, you should audition.

My story!


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May 13, 2005
Hello there thought I would add my .02 cents here. First of all, the B&W dm 602 s3 would be btter compared to the Paradigm monitor series such as the monitor 3's. IMHO, the B&W 602 s3 are better than the mini monitor or monitor 3 but not as good as the Paradigm Studio 20's. Paradigm and B&W have their own distinctive tonality to them. They both are very good just different. In fact, the B&W 602 s3 seems to be very articulate, crisp , and very clear. It is what I would call kinda polite and laid-back. The Paradigm monitor 3 has a larger soundstage and do not image as well as the B&W. The B&W 602 s3 go for $600 pr.,601 s3 for $450, and the 600 s3 $350 respectively speaking. Anyways, I hope this helps. Keep in mind the monitor series is a big step up from the performance series. And the studios are just amazing. Good luck.

Alan Pummill

Jul 6, 1999
My old first HT was Paradigm Monitor 7's(front), 5's (rear), and CC-350 (center). My current HT are B&W 602.5 (front), LCR600 (center), LM1's (surrounds x 3).

I grew very tired of the bright, screeching highs of the Paradigm speakers. The B&W's are much better sounding in every aspect, IMHO! I will never own 'digms again!

I won't even start talking about my maggies!!

John Garcia

Senior HTF Member
Jun 24, 1999
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I feel the 600 series has clearer midrange and smoother highs than the Monitor series, making them more musical to my ears. I never felt the Monitors were unbearably bright (5s, cc370, Minis), but I did look for something that was not as bright as them when I upgraded as well.

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