leaning towards Paradigms again

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Ronneil Camara, May 14, 2005.

  1. Ronneil Camara

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    Hey guys,

    I called an authorized B&W and Paradigms speakers about a week ago. I was asking about the MSRP of B&W 601s and 602s. I also asked how it sounded. He told me that it was nice. Then he asked me what my speakers where. I told him that I currently have an Atom. Then he told me that if I want to try to listen to Monitor 5 or 7 because according to his ears, it sounds better than 601s/602s and IIRC, he mentioned that it's cheaper. What do you think about the performance of Monitor5 or 7 over BW 601 or 602? I know that I should listen to it but I want your comments too.


  2. GregoriusM

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    Don't let the Atoms affect your choice of speaker. The Atoms are great little speakers, but don't represent the entire Paradigm line.

    I have Paradigm Titans, CC-170 center and ADP-170 surrounds.

    I liked them fine, and wanted to upgrade.

    I listened to the Mini Monitors, because they didn't have the 5's in stock.

    I liked them, within my budget, and ordered the 5's. I found them WAY too bright and a little bith harsh with my Rotel 1056 receiver.

    I actually decided to return them and get the Paradigm Focus for mains and the CC-270 center (with matching drivers to the Focus) and then get a more audiophile speaker down the road when I could afford them, something like the Vienna Acoustics "Haydn Grand" bookshelf or the new "Bach" floorstander.

    I also found the B&W not to my liking.

    However, both are popular brands, and like you said, you should audition.

    My story!
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    Hello there thought I would add my .02 cents here. First of all, the B&W dm 602 s3 would be btter compared to the Paradigm monitor series such as the monitor 3's. IMHO, the B&W 602 s3 are better than the mini monitor or monitor 3 but not as good as the Paradigm Studio 20's. Paradigm and B&W have their own distinctive tonality to them. They both are very good just different. In fact, the B&W 602 s3 seems to be very articulate, crisp , and very clear. It is what I would call kinda polite and laid-back. The Paradigm monitor 3 has a larger soundstage and do not image as well as the B&W. The B&W 602 s3 go for $600 pr.,601 s3 for $450, and the 600 s3 $350 respectively speaking. Anyways, I hope this helps. Keep in mind the monitor series is a big step up from the performance series. And the studios are just amazing. Good luck.
  4. Alan Pummill

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    My old first HT was Paradigm Monitor 7's(front), 5's (rear), and CC-350 (center). My current HT are B&W 602.5 (front), LCR600 (center), LM1's (surrounds x 3).

    I grew very tired of the bright, screeching highs of the Paradigm speakers. The B&W's are much better sounding in every aspect, IMHO! I will never own 'digms again!

    I won't even start talking about my maggies!!
  5. John Garcia

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    I feel the 600 series has clearer midrange and smoother highs than the Monitor series, making them more musical to my ears. I never felt the Monitors were unbearably bright (5s, cc370, Minis), but I did look for something that was not as bright as them when I upgraded as well.

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