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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Jason Kolczak, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. Jason Kolczak

    Aug 22, 2002
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    Well, I've gone through the forum and found a huge range of speakers I want to audition, but there's no way in hell I'll be able to do it. I'm looking at speakers that cost between 400-600 used, preferably bookshelves. They'll be driven by an amp that I haven't bought yet (Denon POA-8300 or Parasound HCA-1203A.. or maybe a Rotel). I listen to music (rock) 70-80% of the time;however, if a speaker company doesn't make a good center, then I'll look elsewhere. I currently have Klipsch Cornwalls, so some brightness in a new speaker really won't bother me, but Sonus Faber happens to be the speaker I'm leaning towards right now (go figure since they Klipsch and Sonus sound completely different). Why am I changing speakers?? I live in an apt. and need something smaller. Also, I do have a sub (Paradigm PW-2500).

    The list:
    NHT M5 (listened to the SB3 and thought something was missing)
    Totem Mite
    PSB Stratus Mini
    Sonus Faber Concertino (favorite so far)
    Polk LSi7/LSi9
    Vienna Acousics Bach/Haydn (briefly listened to Bachs, definately need to go for another audition)
    Boston VR-M60 (highs were a bit too bright when turned up, although I will listen to them again)
    ACI Emerald
    Von Schweikert VR-1
    Dynaudio Audience 42
    Linn Katan
    Onix Rocker 250
    Meadowlark Swallow
    Triangle Titus
    Quad 12L
    Totem Arro
    JM Lab Cobalt 806
    Usher X719
    RBH 61-SE
    Paradigm Studio 20v2/40v2
    Soliloquy Sat5/5.0
    Axiom M22ti
    Kef Q1
    Energy Veritas 2.1
    Klipsch (forgot which bookshelves, but I didn't like these)

    I'm sure I may have missed some speakers, so feel free to add to my list. I did listen to the Monitor Audio Silver bookshelves (S2 I believe) and was not impressed.
    Are there any speakers I should automatically remove from my list? I'm probably going to want a speaker that won't kill my ears when turned up, so metal domes may be out unless they're more laid back. Thanks for any help.
  2. MuneebM

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    Jan 12, 2004
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    That's a very long list, but add the following JBL Studio Series speakers to it:
    JBL S310II floorstanding towers OR JBL S38II bookshelves, JBL S-CenterII center speaker, JBL S36II surround speakers
  3. Wayne Ernst

    Wayne Ernst Cinematographer

    Feb 24, 2002
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    So true. By the time one was done auditioning all of those speakers, the new models would be out and one would have to start all over again.

    Jason, in regards to paring your list down to a level you can relate to, you might want to see which of those speakers are carried locally by your dealers. You might want to just pick out 6 speakers and make it a point to listen to them over the course of a week. Plus, don't forget to ask your dealer if they have any open-boxed or demo specials. You might find that they have something to fit your needs.
  4. Jason Kolczak

    Aug 22, 2002
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    Very true. Since I'll be in the used market, some of those speakers will be hard to come by.
    I've got Tweeter, Ultime Electronics, and Hillcrest High Fidelity within 15 minutes of me and other shops not too far away since I live near Dallas.

    I'd like to go with a lesser known brand that the common person wouldn't recognize, but these will be harder to audition and purchase used.

    I'm going to audition what I can around the Dallas area and pick one pair of bookshelves to buy. After I make my decision, I'm going to try and find other speakers on the used market that I wasn't able to audition. I'll then audition those against my original purchase and decide what to keep. Next I'm going to sell the pair I don't prefer and try to find another pair of used speakers and do the same thing. This will hopefully go on for a couple of months.

    I'd really like to narrow the list down though. So if any speakers aren't necessarily known to be good with rock, or if they have a weak center, I'd like to toss them out of the equation.

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