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    May 5, 2000
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    Happened to be browsing through our local Circuit City when I stumbled across a JVC model XV-S65GD...a progressive scan DVD player for $249.
    I am aware of the Pioneer Model 434 which was sold as a progressive scan unit but lacked the 3:2 pull down. I recall JVC having a model priced higher than the S65GD which was a true progressive..and was selling on the street for approx $500 and then in close out for much less.
    My question..does this new model JVC DVD player have the 3:2 pull down like the earlier larger model or is this a stripped down version?
    From what I've read..this unit plays DVD Audio and appears to do everything you'd expect a DVD player to do, except any reference to the 3:2 pulldown [​IMG]
    I tried to do a search to see if this has already been discussed..but was unable to [​IMG]
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    Anybody pick this model up yet?

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