opinions on jvc 70inch please

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Corey-Reid, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Corey-Reid

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    Aug 23, 2003
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    I have been reading up as much I can to educate myself and came across this tv for a decent price.

    Opinions on this set positive and negative would be helpful.

    Size of tv is not a major issue(not screen size) and spending 5K and up isnt really appealing to me.


    What is the "Perfect Experience"? The most amazing picture imaginable is what you will see with JVC's line of HD-ILA Rear Projection Televisions. This 70" Widescreen model is built on JVC's 3-Chip DILA Technology, a revolutionary Micro-display technology that will give you the most incredible picture imaginable. Packed with supporting features like NEW 5-Point Color Management, Dynamic Gamma Correction Circuitry, an HDMI/HDCP Digital Input, 2 HD Component Inputs and JVC's D.I.S.T 720p (Digital Image Scaling Technology), JVC delivers the most technologically advanced and superior Micro-display televisions available today.


    3-Chip LCOS Design (1280x720)
    D.I.S.T. 720p (Digital Image Scaling Technology)+ GENESSA Picture Processing
    Flicker Free High Resolution Picture
    NEW Digital 5 Point Color Management
    16:9 Widescreen Aspect Ratio
    ATSC/QAM and Digital CABLECARD Capable (Digital Cable Ready)
    75 MHz Digital Super Detail
    Natural Cinema (3-2 Pulldown)
    Natural Progressive Line Doubling
    Panorama, Cinema, Full and Regular Aspect Modes
    HD EZ Fill (Cinema Zoom and HD Panorama)
    Video Noise Reduction
    5 Video Status Modes - Theater/Dynamic/Game/Standard/TheaterPro D6500K
    Color Temperature High/Low
    Digital Noise Clear Circuitry
    High Contrast Icon Based On Screen Display
    3D Y/C Comb Filter
    Single Tuner PIP with Twin Mode, Index and Freeze
    HDMI/HDCP Digital Input
    Dual IEEE 1394 (i.Link) Connectivity
    Memory Card Slot (SD, Compact Flash, Everio Compatible (see JVC Digital Media Camara), Memory Stick
    Smart Input
    2 HD Component Video Inputs
    3 S-Video Inputs (1 Front, 3 Rear
    4 AV Inputs (1 Front, 3 Rear)
    RF Input
    Front Firing Speakers
    Center Channel Input
    MTS Stereo
    BBE High Definition Audio
    Advanced Hyper Surround Sound
    Swichable Fixed/Variable Audio Output
    Interactive Plug-in Menu
    XDS ID Display
    XDS Auto Clock Set
    World Clock
    Multi-function Timer
    Sleep Timer
    Input Naming
    Black Level Expansion
    Front Panel Lock
    EL Based (Electro Luminescence) All Button Illuminated Universal Remote Control
    Hyper Scan High Speed Channel Changer
    Return +
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    Only you can determine if the set is worth that kind of money. There's no way in hell I'd ever spend so much money on a TV. I have a front projector and it's fantastic. You can get a HD projector for less than half that amount, and have at least a 100" screen. We watch all DVD's on it and occasional HDTV. For BS shows we watch a 32" set. You'd be shocked at the image quality you can get with a projector for about $1,000.
  3. Mort Corey

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    Nov 21, 2003
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    I've seen those sets and they do have quite a good picture with a good source. My gripe with JVC is their less than stellar warranty service. I'd suggest going on the web site, looking up their authorized warranty service providers and then giving those technicians a call and ask if they will service the set in your home should anything go wrong. Also, it would be worth asking if they have had good or bad experiences repairing (and/or getting parts) these units.

  4. Corey-Reid

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    Aug 23, 2003
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    I will be watching both movies and tv. I will be watching football on sundays and like my room open and bright in the daytime, a projector is out for that reason. I have had a 60 inch for the past 6 years, and like the big screen. The 70 inch jvc can be had for 4k delivered, I was just looking for general comments about these particular jvc's before I get serious about a new tv in the next few months. I dont think I can even get to look at one of these in my area as i dont think anyone is carrying the 70 inch.

    I am not sure i would want to use the smaller version of this tv as a basis on which to judge the picture.
  5. Ted Lee

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    May 8, 2001
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    the jvc dila's have really nice pictures. very very smooth image, with really nice colors.

    my only concern is the lack of lcos sets on the market. i just don't feel the technology has been perfected yet (i hear they're a nightmare to manufacture), so i'm worried that they won't be around long-term.

    again, the sets that make it are nice, but i just don't feel comfortable with the technology ... not yet.

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