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Discussion in 'Displays' started by JeremyR, Aug 24, 2006.

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    I posted below that I was having some issues with my new JVC HDTV that I purchased...

    Originally, as I don't yet have Hi-Def TV, I was only noticing this problem on the beautiful picture my XBOX360 was displaying on the TV. But I have a general noisiness to my picture, and I thought it was only the XBOX. I have faint lines (look like scanning) that are slowly scrolling up the TV, and though it's a little more obvious on the XBOX than a DVD, it is still ocurring with my progressive scan Sony DVD player. I haven't been able to pick it up on TV, but then I haven't messed with my DirecTV much because Comcast is coming out to hook me up for HD on Monday.

    In addition to the faint, yet noticeable line slowly scrolling up my screen, there is a general bit of noisiness to the picture. Mostly if I'm looking at the lettering on the XBOX dashboard in HD, the lettering is a little noisy around the edges of the letters, to where you can see jaggy little movements. It's a bit annoying, probably only because I'm noticing it since I just bought the TV the other day and I have to sit a little too close to the TV anyway.

    I've got the TV and all my electronics plugged into a Magnavox Surge Suppressor which also has my phone line for my DirecTV TiVo box, and the coaxial cable running through it for my DirecTv signal. I know there are these products which are supposed to eliminate any interference. Does anybody have any thoughts. I've jiggled some of teh cables, but that's about as far as I've gotten. Don't get me wrong, the 1080i picture on the 360 is beautiful, it's so beautiful the staticy appearance and the faint scroll lines are too visible for my taste.

    Would something like this be what I need, because I'm only using a surge protector now, and nothign that does any filtering. Or woudl the Monster Cable one that they sell for $40 be better? Or are they a waste of money until you spend $100 or more on them?

    thanks for any help...
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    I've been having a similar problem with my LCD television. I was getting scrolling (pink & green) bands on the screen when watching my HD-DVR from Comcast. After about 10 service visits we tracked it down to electrical interference. When I hooked up to a generator, the bands were gone. I switched to another outlet in my home, and while the bands are still there, they are very faint. I called my electric company to come check the poles and the grounding/meter outside. I only started having this problem after I had some bad T-storms at the end of June. Hopefully it's a simple fix that was caused by storm damage.

    Hope this helps; we have any electricians here? [​IMG]
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    Gentlemen, the HT Hardware area is devoted to source devices in playing back HD images. This question is about a display itself, which must be asked here in Display Devices. Thread, of course, is moved. JB

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