Infocus SP5000 and Austin 92" Screen

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    ** You can upgrade or downgrade your screen to a high quality pulldown unit or our best reference or motorized units. Please contact us for other sizes available **

    ** Expedited 1 week screen shipping available for $50 extra fee **


    This is a killer combination and a tremendous value to you offered nowhere else on the internet. We combined one of the hottest projectors available with one of the best theater screens companies and came up with an amazing value. Not only does the Infocus Screenplay 5000 ($1999 value) sport a native 16:9 resolution 1280x768 High Definition Award Winning 16:9 aspect (3) 0.7" 3 LCD state-of-the-art high temperature poly-silicon active matrix light engine, it boasts being one of this highest resolution projectors for the money. Having a 1200:1 contrast ratio helps to keep the blacks black and the whites white. We have combined this unit with an incredible high quality 92" class leading Austin Filmscreen Theater Performance Fixed Screen (retail value $697.00). Don't settle for the inferior screens bundled with our competition's combo units as you get what you pay for. You know you want the best for your home theater at the best value so why skimp on a screen making it your weakest link? The image is just stunning on a 92" screen matte white 1.3 gain that is higher in gain than comparable screens of this quality yet 35-40% less in price. We feel they are every bit as good as Stewart Screens and the internet's best hidden screen values. Each screen is hand made to order over 2 weeks time ensuring that you get an incredible product with exacting specifications. Experience the big screen like it was meant to be felt. You feel like you are running alongside your favorite sports stars. Playing your video games takes on a whole new meaning and visual impact. It is absolutely huge. You will not believe that you are watching a DVD and think you are at the cinema. We highly recommend this combo for first time projector users and seasoned users for an amazing cinema experience for DVD, Laser Disk, VCR, S-VHS, D-VHS, HD-DVD, High Definition Video Sources of your entire media library. HD signals will look unbelievably clear and amazing from this very inexpensive setup. Don't let the price fool you, Infocus is THE price leader for high quality display technology. Pick one up today. You will not be disappointed.

    *** Please remember that this InFocus projector requires either an M1 to DVI cable or a converter to allow it to work with standard DVI cables ***

    Doctor's Rating : * * * * * (5 STARS and two thumbs way up!)


    Infocus SP5000

    Experience the thrill of the bigger screen.

    With the InFocus® ScreenPlay™ 5000, see what you’ve been missing on your TV. Featuring a gigantic image, this projector will do more than show you the action, it will take you inside the action. And you can trust award-winning InFocus engineering and proven ScreenPlay™ technology to ensure a quick & simple setup resulting in a brilliant picture, so you can get right to your favorite events, shows, DVDs and video games. The InFocus ScreenPlay 5000 gives you the experience of home entertainment like you never imagined.

    Images look better than real life.

    For video enthusiasts looking for the ultimate viewing experience, the InFocus ScreenPlay 5000 offers uncompromised native 720p high-definition projection. That means 720 lines of in-your-face sports and bigger-than-life movies. In addition, the InFocus ScreenPlay 5000’s projection system boasts three 16:9 aspect 0.7" hightemperature poly-silicon active matrix LCD displays. What that means is you get to experience your movies, sports and gaming the exact way that it was meant to be seen, all from the comfort of your own couch, where you can immerse yourself in details that ordinary television set owners only dream of. And the InFocus ScreenPlay 5000 is so affordable that it is nearly as impressive as the picture. Nearly.

    Life-size just got a lot bigger.

    No more jockeying for a good seat with the InFocus ScreenPlay 5000. With an image as big as 11 feet wide, every seat in your living room is the best seat in the house. See your programs projected at a vivid 1100 video optimized lumens and a stunning 1200:1 contrast ratio, so all your sports, shows, movies and games will come through bright and crisp for everyone watching. Kids will delight at cartoon characters who are same size as they are, transfix in video games they can almost dive into, and marvel at nature shows where the beasts seem like they could step off the screen into the room. With this projector, InFocus can put you courtside, in the front row, anywhere you want, in vivid, high-definition clarity. The big game has never been bigger and the stars have never been brighter than on the InFocus ScreenPlay 5000.

    The crown jewel of your home entertainment system.

    By offering you a multitude of connection options, the InFocus ScreenPlay 5000 will become the centerpiece of your family’s home entertainment experience, with inputs for nearly any digital device. Easy-to-reach connections allow you to quickly hook up your DVD player, VCR, cable or satellite receiver, game console, camcorder, even your PC. Intuitive design and controls makes it easy to connect and even easier to select what you’d like the InFocus ScreenPlay 5000 to project larger than life for you.

    Portable. Flexible. Enviable.

    The InFocus ScreenPlay 5000 is the projector that is ready to go with you at a moment’s notice. Its slim footprint size and lightweight design allows for easy portability and set-up. Instant keystone correction combined with horizontal and vertical adjustments mean you can mount the projector to the ceiling or simply set it on any convenient surface and get an amazing image. And the projector’s handy optical zoom lens allows for easy imagesize adjustment to make any room into a home theater. Impress your friends when you drop by with the InFocus ScreenPlay 5000 ready to show your favorite movie, then watch them beg you not to take it with you when the credits roll.

    ScreenPlay™ 5000

    The InFocus commitment.

    There is a reason why the InFocus Corporation has become the industry leader, and why every InFocus ScreenPlay projector is an award winner and worldwide best seller. That reason is our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, evident in the care and standard options that come with our products. Each InFocus ScreenPlay projector is the result of years of InFocus engineering and development, and backed by a limited two-year factory warranty, including parts and labor, as well as a 90-day lamp replacement guarantee. Also, you can rest easy knowing InFocus customer support backs every product with premium service and convenience.

    Austin Filmscreen 92" Theater Performance Screen

    Austin Filmscreen (AFS) manufactures products that are comparable to most top-of-the-line screen manufacturers, but at 30-40% less in price. With over 25 years in the Audio / Video business they know about screens. By streamlining their manufacturing process, they have maintained a reasonable price yet still providing a superior picture quality with high performance materials. They are the foremost pioneer in affordable, high quality fixed wall projection screens today and we are proud to bundle them for incredible value.

    Each screen is HAND MADE TO ORDER. You won't find any prefabricated inferior foreign construction here. All products are manufactured to exact specifications in the good old USA. Turnaround time to build just one screen is 2 weeks with a "rush" option for a 1 week turnaround. Regardless of your financial level, would you ever pay 40% - 50% more for the same performance? Obviously not. That is why Austin Filmscreen is the best choice in the industry: VALUE, VALUE, VALUE!

    AFS's goal as a manufacturer is to provide a product with superior image quality that is tailored for the projectors and video source components of today. All of this has been achieved while maintaining an industry leadership position on the pricing of their products. AFS has engineered a variety of screens that through streamlined manufacturing processes and extensive materials research can maintain the superior picture quality that you desire, at the lower price that you demand. AFS Video and Theater Reference are hand crafted with pride in the USA by skilled craftsmen and custom sized for each application. Rigorous quality control assures the best possible fit and finish.

    All AFS models are destined to shape the future of the industry with their revolutionary screen material and “T-Line” tensioning mechanism. This radical new design allows virtually infinite adjustment and perfect uniformity of the screen’s tension to be achieved while eliminating the need for snaps or Velcro. The end result: absolute control over the resistance to air movement, a more perfectly flat surface, and easy installation.

    Austin FilmScreen’s matte white 1.3 projection material is designed to maximize contrast without sacrificing color quality and to work well in a variety of viewing environments and light conditions. Austin FilmScreen’s models are designed for the consumer who wants the ultimate viewing experience and aesthetic appeal at a price up to 35% lower than other comparable models on the market today. These new models are guaranteed to meet your budget and exceed your expectations.


    Infocus SP5000

    Component and RGB HDTV (720p, 1035i, 1080i,) DVI with HDCP for digital video and encrypted digital video. Component EDTV (480p, 576p progressive scan), Component, Composite and S-Video standard video (480i, 576i, 576i RGB SCART with adapter), NTSC, NTSC M 4.43, PAL: B, G, H, I, M, N; SECAM: M.

    Digital and analog PC, Macintosh®, 1280 x 1024 resolution through intelligent resizing

    RS232 and USB


    1 – DVI (M1):
    HDTV RGB, HDTV Component, Digital Visual Interface (DVI) with HDCP decryption, computer, and USB, HDMI via available adapter

    1 – Component (RCA):
    HDTV, EDTV (progressive), and Standard TV component video (interlaced)

    1 – VESA (HD15):
    HDTV RGB, HDTV component, and computer

    1 – S-Video:
    Standard TV Video

    1 – Composite (RCA):
    Standard TV Video

    1 – Stereo RCA jacks:
    L&R Audio input

    1 – 9-pin Dsub Male:

    1 – 3.5mm Mini-Jack:
    12v screen-drop


    Projection System:
    3 x 0.7" wide high temperature poly-silicon TFT active matrix with MLA – one per R,G, B

    1280 x 720 (16:9)

    Projection Lens:
    All glass. F/1.9 wide, F2.2 tele., 26 - 31mm focal length

    Calibrated Contrast Ratio:
    1200:1 full on/full off

    150-Watt UHP, 2000 hours

    Video Optimized Lumens:
    1100 lumens

    Front/rear/ceiling mode

    Focusing Distance:
    5'/ 1.5m to ∞

    Keystone Correction:
    Digital, up to +/- 20° Vertical, +/- 9° horizontal

    SMPTE Brightness:
    Up to 126" (3.2m) wide, 16:9 screen

    Throw Ratio:
    1.65:1 – 1.98:1 (distance/width)


    Product Dimensions:
    4.0" (H) x 11.5" (W) x 10.2" (L); 10.3 cm (H) x 29.4 cm (W) x 26.0 cm (L)

    7.5 lbs/3.4 kg

    Power Supply:
    100V – 240V at 50 – 60 Hz

    Operating Temperature:
    5° – 35° C at sea level (0 – 10,000’) ; 50° – 95° F

    UL, c-Ul,TUV GS, GOST, C-Tick, NOM, IRAM, FCC B, CISPR22/EN55022, EN 55024/CISPR 24, CB certified according to IEC60950 :1999/EN60950:2000, P(SE), MIC, TUV GS, Ul & cUL, GOST

    Ships with:
    Power cord, Home Entertainment remote, S-video cable, AV cable, computer cable, printed user’s guide (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian), Quick Start Card

    2 years part and labor, 1 year accessories Lamp Warranty: 90 days or 500 hours

    Austin Filmscreen 92" Theater Performance Fixed Screen

    Features (Screen choices see above menu)

    “Ultra tensioning” The Flattest Screen Surface Available

    Permanently Eliminates Screen Sag

    Screen Sizes 16:9 77”-133” and 4:3 72”-120”

    2 ¾” Wide Velvet Wrapped Frame Standard

    Brushed aluminum accents

    Total Depth 1¾”

    Easy Installation Process

    1.3 Matte White Material - Designed to maximize contrast without sacrificing color quality and to work well in a variety of viewing environments and light conditions.

    178 Degree Viewing Angle

    Opaque screen material allows for installation over most windows and other light sources

    Every Screen comes with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee and a 1 year Warranty


    Optional Accessories:

    • 10m M1 to DVI cable

    • 1m Power cord (US only)

    • M1 to DVI adapter

    • M1 to HDMI adapter

    • M1 to component adapter

    • Spare lamp

    • Universal ceiling mount


    The projector is covered by a 2-year parts and labor warranty, while the lamp is covered for 90 days or 500 hours, whichever comes first. Your projector screen has a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee and a 1 year Warranty


    This combo package is not able to be returned save for an even exchange due to product malfunction. To return the unit you must retain all packing materials and ship the item back to us as it came to you. The return of the display is the sole responsibility of the customer to provide shipping and insurance back to the warehouse. An RMA number is required on all defective returns. Please call to obtain one before shipping. Please note: If you notice there is any damage to the unit you must let us know immediately. DO NOT we repeat DO NOT accept the shipment if you think that the unit is damaged or has visible damage. Make notation on the shipping bill but do not sign to accept the shipment and have them return the item to their facilities for evaluation.


    Two Boxs. Screen ships in 2 weeks (or 1 week with $50 expedited shipping)


    10 lbs for projector 15 lbs for screen (varies on type)


    Special Shipping on this combo is $39.95 for both units
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    This deal is officially over. Thanks to all who ordered.

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