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    Alright guys, I got a Kenwood VR-505 system of my GFs dad. I already have a system for my TV, this one is for my Computer. I have a Audigy 2 platinum pro sound car with optical outputs. I ran this straight into the back a the reciever. I got everything working, but the Subwoofer. The Sub is unfortunatly an un powered sub that runs of the rear speaker outputs, and then outputs signal to the rear surrounds. I am not expecting much, but the sub does not work at all unless I am in Arena mode. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Nov 4, 2003
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    In tru DD and or DTS, I am sure the sub would have to power off the front speakers if not powered for any sort of good response.
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    Thats your problem. The subwoofer only 'sees' low frequency signals if the game tries to send low frequency sounds to the rears and the reciever let it.

    Here is the trick: You have to tell your reciever what speakers are LARGE (can handle low frequency sounds) and what speakers cannot.

    Do this:

    - Connect the sub to your FRONT speaker outputs (yes, from reciever to sub, then more wire from the sub to the L/R speakers).

    - Go to the reciever setup menu. Tell it:

    Center : Small
    L/R: Large
    Rears: Small
    Subwoofer: None

    Your reciever will now do it's "Bass Management" trick. Any ".1" sound from a DVD or low-frequency sound from the center or rears will be routed to the Front L/R speaker outputs.

    That should fix things.

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