HTF REVIEW: The Flintstones - The Complete First Season (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

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    The Flintstones: The Complete First Season

    Studio: Warner Brothers
    Year: 1960-1961
    Rated: Not Rated
    Film Length: 737 Minutes
    Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Standard TV
    Audio: DD Mono
    Color/B&W: Color with a couple B&W special features.
    Subtitles: English, French & Spanish
    MSRP: $64.92
    Package: **Limited Edition Packaging** 5 panel gatefold Digipak with a replica animated cel slipcover.

    “Whose baby is that…? What’s your angle…? I’ll buy that…!”

    The Feature:
    After having been involved with this wonderful format from day one, I can tell you unequivocally, that there hasn’t yet been a release announcement more anticipated by me than The Flintstones. As much as I love the Looney Tunes (and make no mistake about it, I LOVE the WB Looney Tunes), there’s just a special place in my heart for The Flintstones. Although I’m not quite old enough to have remembered their original prime time releases, I grew up watching The Flintstones in syndication and certainly treasure many fond memories racing home from school to watch them during the lunch break from 12:30 – 1:00 p.m. and then racing back to school so as not to be late.

    The show was created by the legendary William Hanna and Joseph Barbera who are responsible for molding Saturday mornings as we now know them. They were also responsible for the creation of Yogi Bear, The Jetsons, Tom & Jerry and Jonny Quest among many other favorites. Warner Brothers has also announced upcoming releases for The Jetsons and Jonny Quest – The Complete First Seasons, both to be released on May 11th. Scooby Doo – The Complete First and Second Seasons (as a complete package), will be released on the same day as The Flintstones, March 16th.

    For those of you actually living in a cave… The Flintstones takes place in a small prehistoric town known as Bedrock located in Cobblestone County where the currency is known as “clams”. Fred Flintstone (voiced by Alan Reed) and his wife Wilma (Jean Vander Pyl) are best friends and neighbors to Barney Rubble (Mel Blanc) and his wife Betty (Bea Benaderet – who was replaced in 1964 by Gerry Johnson). Poor Fred is a hard working guy (well, caveman really) just trying to get by with ideas of grandeur but with an execution similar to a modern day Al Bundy. Other notable voice regulars who appeared throughout the years were June Foray, Harvey Korman, Frank Nelson (perhaps most famous for his utterance of a single word; “welllllllll”) and Verna Felton who rendered the husky voice for Wilma’s mother and also appeared in Dumbo and Marilyn Monroe’s, Don’t Bother To Knock as the busybody neighbor.

    The Flintstones was the first animated series ever broadcast on PT network television with an obvious focus for adults in mind. In 1960-1961, the show aired on Friday nights on ABC at 8:30 p.m. and during the entire six year run of the series, there were a total of 166 original episodes produced. The original name of the series was to be "The Flagstones". It’s believed that due to similarities to the "Hi and Lois" characters' surname being “Flagston”, the name was changed to The Flintstones. Apparently, the name "Gladstones" was also considered but soon dismissed. The show was nominated for an Emmy in 1961 for "Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Humor", but lost to "The Jack Benny Show", however the show did win a Golden Globe Award in the category of “Outstanding Achievement In International Programming”.

    During the third season, the opening and closing sequences, the "Meet the Flintstones" theme song debuted. This opening shows Fred sliding down the tail of his dino crane at the quarry, then Wilma, Dino and the cat pile in the car where they head to the drive-in. The closing sequence shows them driving from the movies to a drive-in restaurant where Fred orders ribs which tips the car over, then Fred attempts to put the cat out. This was the opening sequence I was familiar with. This set contains the original opening sequence which features Fred driving home from work, racing through the streets of Bedrock, crashing his car into the garage, then goes in the house to sit down and watch TV, accompanied by music eerily reminiscent to the I Love Lucy theme song. In the original closing sequence, Fred turns off the TV, covers the bird cage, and attempts to put the cat out. These sequences were only used for the first two seasons. The more familiar opening and closing themes were usually used for all episodes during syndication, which certainly was the case when they were broadcast here.

    Over the years certain characters changed in physical appearance, as did Fred’s place of employment, Fred’s car changes in virtually every episode as does his house and surroundings. Who’s Fred’s real boss…? Is it Mr. Boulder, J. J. Granite, Joe Rockhead or Mr. Slate? It’s all of them. And Barney? Who really knows what he does…? It’s hard to say if the show was just never concerned or conscious of the continuity aspect or if it was the Hanna - Barbera attempt at simply creating an impulsive, yet satirical theme for each episode. And in the end it never really matters, it always works.

    The set is comprised of four discs which consist of the first 21 episodes on three single sided discs and the remaining seven episodes on the fourth disc which also houses the special features located on the other side. The set is housed in a 5 panel gatefold Digipak but has a very unique cover. It is a plastic see-through animated like cel (similar to the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Usual Suspects SE packaging). According to the WB press release, the package is touted as being a “Special Limited Edition”, so I would assume that eventually the case will revert back to the typical cardboard slipcover which is now the norm for these box sets. These covers are very cool.

    The very first episode aired on September 30th, 1960. Titled "The Flintstone Flyer", it was actually the second Flintstones episode produced, but the first to air. The following episodes are included:

    Disc One:

    Written by Mike Maltese, Airdate: 9-30-1960

    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 10-7-1960

    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 10-14-1960

    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 10-21-1960

    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 10-28-1960

    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 11-4-1960

    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 11-11-1960

    Disc Two:

    Written by Sydney Zelinka, Airdate: 11-18-1960

    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 11-25-1960

    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 12-2-1960

    Written by Sydney Zelinka, Airdate: 12-9-1960

    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 12-16-1960

    13. THE DRIVE-IN
    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 12-23-1960

    Written by Joseph Barbera, Airdate: 12-30-1960

    Disc Three:

    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 1-6-1961

    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 1-13-1961

    Written by Arthur Phillips, Airdate: 1-20-1961

    Written by Warren Foster and Mike Maltese, Airdate: 1-27-1961

    Written by Mike Maltese, Airdate: 2-3-1961

    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 2-10-1961

    Written by Arthur Phillips, Airdate: 2-17-1961

    Disc Four:
    Side One:

    22. THE TYCOON
    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 2-24-1961

    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 3-3-1961

    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 3-10-1961

    25. IN THE DOUGH
    Written by Arthur Phillips, Airdate: 3-17-1961

    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 3-24-1961

    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 3-31-1961

    Written by Warren Foster, Airdate: 4-7-1961

    Side Two:
    Special Features.

    Back in the early 90’s, during a trip my wife and I took to Los Angeles, we were introduced to a gentleman by the name of John Ambro who was the son of the late animator, Hal Ambro. We were very fortunate enough to have spent several hours talking to him and listening to many great stories he was eager to share with us. We were also treated to seeing many of the hand drawings his dad had completed including some Flintstones drawings as well as many Disney sketches. It was one of the highlights of my trip and a moment I will cherish forever. On an animated art hunt during the same trip, we found four pencil drawings from my favorite episode, The Hot Piano which were drawn by Hal Ambro. They are framed and hang above our fireplace.

    Much to talk about in terms of the video presentation. First the good news. Colors, as you can imagine almost jumped off the screen. They were eye popingly beautiful and vibrant. Blacks couldn’t have been any darker and whites were nicely contrasted although the show always seemed to have a bluish tint to it. The amount of grain was minimal and on a comparative scale, I would say less than the Looney Tunes set that was released last year. I thought I saw some compression artifacting occasionally but never found it to be overly bothersome.

    Unfortunately, the good news is followed by a little bit of bad news. What’s most noticeable in terms of anything problematic is the amount of dirt and dust visible, particularly during scenes on solid light colors or during close-ups of flesh tone scenes. Thankfully, most of the animated backgrounds in the series are patterned or textured which helps so as not to make it so prevalent. I don’t know what, if any, sort or work was done to the original elements, but it looks as though they could have been cleaned up. Keeping in mind, I’m watching on a 96” screen, I suspect the problem won’t be quite as noticeable on a smaller RPTV. Again, keep in mind these elements are 40+ years old. Other than some dust and dirt, they look quite good and overall I am pleased with them.

    Not so much to talk about here but it is all positive. Thankfully, there is virtually no hiss to speak of and the overall tonal fidelity of the mono track sounds natural and untampered with. Dialogue was always crystal clear and intelligible. Besides the English track are French and Spanish tracks. Though the series had a laugh track, it appears as though some of the episodes include the laugh track and some do not. Same with the French & Spanish tracks - some of the episodes include the track while others don't. When the track is present, it is rather subtle and subdued doing what it’s supposed to do and never becoming annoying.

    As we might expect in terms of dynamics from a mono track from the 60’s, (aside from the limitations of mono itself), it serves the needs of the material, but offers little beyond the essentials.

    All in all a very solid job.

    Special Features:
    Though the set isn’t inundated with special features, the ones that are included are of interest. They are:
    [*] All About The Flintstones is an interesting but brief history of the series which features Hanna and Barbera, discussing the show and it’s placement during primetime as well as the mark the pair have made with shaping much of the animation of the time, thought to be some of the very best to ever be created. Duration: 5:20 minutes.
    [*] Next, a listing of Wacky Inventions. Over the years we observed many modern caveman inventions including The Flintstone Flyer, the family sedan (and its many incarnations), the TV set, record players, lawnmowers, electric razors, sewing machines and vacuum cleaners. This is basically a list showing many of the great gadgets and gizmos that made life a little bit easier. Duration: 5:43 minutes.
    [*] The Flagstones – The Pilot. This is a snippet of the original episode which is basically The Swimming Pool episode but features slightly different looking characters and different voice actors (albeit, all of the voices are familiar with many other characters over the years). I’m not sure if this episode exists in its full length version but I am disappointed not to find it in its entirety. Unfortunately what is included is in pretty rough shape. One can only assume it has been destroyed, otherwise its inclusion should have been obvious. Needless to say, I am curious…? Duration: 1:34 minutes.
    [*] Up next are a number of animated Flintstone Advertisements which include:
    [*] Alka Seltzer & One-A-Day Vitamins. Color - 55 seconds.[*] Alka Seltzer. B&W – 57 seconds. Interesting as Fred describes the box as blue and white presumably due to the ad being in B&W.[*] One-A-Day Vitamins #1. B&W – 31 seconds.[*] One-A-Day Vitamins #2. B&W – 31 seconds.[*] Post Fruit & Cocoa Pebbles #1 – Mission Ridiculous. Color – 32 seconds.[*] Post Fruit & Cocoa Pebbles #2 – Breakfast. Color – 32 seconds.[*] Post Fruit & Cocoa Pebbles #3 – Run Around. Color – 32 seconds. Note: there was no audio for any of the three Post Cereal commercials, at least not on my copies. (???)
    [*] Moving to Thursday Promo #1. This is a 22 second animated ad informing the public that the show will be changed to Thursday nights and moved to the earlier time slot of 7:30 pm.
    [*] Moving to Thursday Promo #2. This is a 25 second animated ad prefaced by “starting in two weeks” the show will be changed to Thursday nights and moved to the earlier time slot of 7:30 pm.

    Sadly though, the set does not feature the old Winston cigarette commercial featuring Fred & Barney which aired in the 60's. This would have been a nice inclusion.
    [*] The last special feature included are three trailers for:

    - Scooby Doo: Where Are You? This is a trailer for the upcoming Seasons 1 & 2 Complete Seasons. Duration: 1:15 minutes.

    - Tom & Jerry. This is a trailer advertising 6 recent DVD’s that have been released. Duration: 1:27 minutes.

    - Looney Tunes: The Golden Collection. This is a trailer featuring the set of the same name which promotes the fabulous collection that debuted last year. Duration: 1:15 minutes.

    Final Thoughts:
    I suspect many here are fond of The Flintstones. The sheer demographic age group of many of us DVD aficionados alone would be smack dab in the middle of the target for those of us who grew up watching this brilliant TV series. A series which would still hold its own with anything contemporary TV could throw at it.

    Aside from some dust and dirt, WB has presented an impressive package that’s sure to bring back a lot of fond memories. Even if you weren’t a fan of the show, the nostalgia value alone makes this set an almost must purchase. I, for one, couldn’t be happier that this piece of TV history is finally available and can’t wait for the day that all six season sets are released. Yabba Dabba Do…!!

    Highly Recommended…!!!

    Release Date: March 16th, 2004
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    Andrew Radke
    Thanks very much for the review. I've been wanting this show for the longest time, moreso now that it's no longer in syndication (at least around here). I held onto a shred of hope that the Winston commercials would've made it, but I'm really not surprised they aren't, especially since now the Flintstones appeal to children as well as adults, and I'm sure this set was intended for both.

    I think it's a great touch that they included some of the old promo spots.........and the Pebbles cereal commercials are DEFINITELY a nice touch. I'll definitely be grabbing this on Tuesday. Can't wait.
  3. Randy Korstick

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    Thanks Herb
    This has been on my most wanted list since the beginning of the TV on DVD thing. Glad to hear that they look great. I just hope Season 2-6 follow soon and they won't get lost with all the other Hanna Barbera product coming.
  4. Brett Halsey

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    Yabba Dabba Doo!! [​IMG]

    Finally I can watch the first season of The Flinstones totally uninterrupted. It will definitely be awesome to catch up with all the goings-on in that funky town of Bedrock!
  5. Sean.S

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    Feb 20, 2004
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    If I get a chance, I would love to pick this up. I'm not only relieved to hear the video is there and the episodes uncut, but that the laugh track is present. Cartoon Network's versions have no laugh track!
  6. John Berggren

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    I'll be looking for a great deal on this set.
  7. Shane_Anthony

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    Sep 30, 2003
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    Thanks Herb!! Great review!!

    This is the greatest cartoon ever imo!! Brings back so many great memories from my youth watching the Flintstones with my bowl of Kraft's Macarnoi & Cheese!!

    ..And to all you fine folks at Warners if you were bowled over by the sales of your Looney Toones box set this will do as well if not better

    These suckers are gonna be flying of the shleves next week all over North America..Keep the stock coming!!

    Thanks again and all us fans appreciate your outstanding dvd product!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Roger_R

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    Nov 6, 2003
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    Why would you want a laugh track in a cartoon? I've always found it distracting...I mean, where's the audience? It's not like they're acting it out in front of people.
    I really hoped they would include a laugh-less track with this set, similar to MASH...
  9. Gary Seven

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    Lake Worth, Florida
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    Thanks for the review. Is the release next week? I'll be all over this one.
  10. Keith Paynter

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    Mar 16, 1999
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    Great sounding set, but I won't be retiring my Image LD box set (produced by John Kricfalusi), with the excellent book and the Winston Cigarette ads - yes, Fred, Barney and even Wilma were known to take an occasional puff now and then... (remember this was originally an adult prime-time show!)


    Some of the episodes had alternate audio with no laugh track, and voice-only versions (no music).
  11. Paul Pro

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    Dec 22, 2003
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    Just a clarifacation Herb, the specs you provide us above only says "DD Mono" with English, French and Spanish SUBTITLES.

    Theres no mention of other audio tracks (neither in the list of specs or in the audio portion of the review)

    Is there other audio tracks? According the set "...provides us with English, French, and Spanish soundtracks so we can listen to Fred bellow in a variety of languages".

    If there are other tracks I would be curious to know if they also have laugh tracks.
  12. David*P

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    That's a real good review....I'm going to add this Flinstones release to my want list!
  13. Herb Kane

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    May 7, 2001
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    Paul, yes. All three language tracks are included; English, French & Spanish. Regarding the laugh track, I went back to check them and made an interesting discovery.

    Seems as though, some do and some don't. I checked (randomly) on the following episodes:

    The Drive In
    English - none
    French - yes
    Spanish - none

    At The Races
    English - yes
    French - none
    Spanish - none

    The Hot Piano
    English - yes
    French - yes
    Spanish - none

    Girls Night Out
    English - yes
    French - yes
    Spanish - none

    Flintstone Flyer
    English - yes
    French - yes
    Spanish - none

    The Swimming Pool
    English - yes
    French - yes
    Spanish - none

    The only tracks which seemed consistent (at least from the six I checked) was the Spanish language track not having any...??

    I've updated the review to reflect the change.

  14. TonyD

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    Tony D.
    keith, does the ld set include the pilot as an entire ep or just a "snippet"as on the dvd set.

    i wish i had picked up that ld years ago when i had the chance.
  15. John KB

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    May 27, 2003
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    TonyD, I thought that that was all there was to it. I didn't think it was a full episode. I've seen it more than once and it's always been the same few minutes. I have my set, but I haven't checked yet.

    One thing to note, I think the packaging is cool, but a little hard to pull out the part that actually houses the dvds.

    I'll check on the pilot a bit later.
  16. Jeff Krispow

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    Sep 5, 2001
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    The laserdisc box set contains the exact same "Pilot" footage as the new DVD.

    Here's what the outer packaging states:

    THE LOST PILOT — "The Flagstones"
    We unearthed a one minute and 45 second pilot from the big-head age, where the characters look real primitive. After you see this, you'll wonder why they ever changed 'em. By the way, your favorite cave people are called "The Flagstones" in this landmark film.

    The booklet has even more detailed notes:

    Being a fan, you probably already know that "The Flagstones" was one of the early titles for "The Flintstones." But what almost nobody at the studio knew was that there was a one minute and 45 second "pilot" produced under that title. This makes it more like the "undiscovered" pilot that the "lost" pilot.

    While researchers were scouring the film vaults for all sorts of missing Hanna-Barbera footage, a can marked 'The Flagstones' was among the goodies. Mike Lazzo, vice president of programming for the Cartoon Network, spotted it buried on an inventory list with other items. It turned out to be a 'work print' (not the finished film for broadcast) used by a film editor and covered with the editor's grease pencil marks, but the fact that it exists at all is exciting. Joe Barbera didn't even remember that they made it. With the exception of Jean VanderPyl as Wilma, the voices are not the ones you are used to, although they may sound familiar. Fred is Daws Butler, creator of Yogi Bear, who did a similar Jackie Gleason impression in 'The Honeymousers' series of cartoons for Warner Bros. Butler is also Barney. Betty is none other than June Foray, the voice of Rocky, the Flying Squirrel.

    So there you have it… according to some other information I have, this is the entirety of the footage… there was never an entire episode filmed in this stye, and there is nothing else to be found.

    Regarding the laugh tracks, the LD handled these in a slightly different - but superior - way. First off, the LD only contained the first 14 episodes of the series (the DVD has the first 28). EVERY episode on the LD featured the original mono audio on the Digital tracks, which included the mixed-in laugh track.

    However, 6 of those 14 episodes also contained an alternate "No Laugh Track" soundtrack on the Analog Left channel. These episodes were:
    • "The Prowler"
    • "The Babysitters"
    • "No Help Wanted"
    • "The Drive-In"
    • "The Split Personality"
    • "Girls' Night Out"
    But that's not all — in addition, episode #14, "The Monster From the Tar Pits," contained a "Dialogue Only" track (i.e. no music or sound fx) on the Analog Left channel.

    As we all know, the DVD could have easily contained an additional mono soundtrack for these episodes (which takes up very little space), to present them in both "original (w/laugh track)" and "no laugh track" formats, rather than just provide us with a single option. Oh well. (Then again, I never liked laugh tracks in ANY show… so good riddance.)

    The LD also contained a FANTASTIC 24-page booklet included with the LD set, entitled "TV Time," as it was set up to replicate the look of a 1960's version of TV Guide magazine. The cover featured some truly, trult cool twisted artwork of Fred and Barney by John K. (reprinted here for your amusement). It contained detailed information on the episodes, an essay on the show, cast notes, transfer notes, extras notes, a huge listing of toys, an interview with designer Ed Benedict (with VERY early sketches), and a short piece on Bill Hanna and Joe Barbara. This is an outstanding booklet, and I only hope the DVD set comes with something even partially comparable.


    LD Extras
    Okay, for comparisons sake, here is the full listing of all the LD extras. (Just as an FYI: All of the small-ass comments are reprinted exactly as their appear in the LD booklet, courtesy of Spümco. Not smart-ass stuff written by myself…)
    • "The First Bad Man"
    • This 1955 MGM Tex Avery cartoon (design and layout by Ed Benedict) has many of the same designs that can be seen in the early Flintstones cartoons.

      The Lost Pilot - "The Flagstones"
    • Original 1:45 Pilot Episode

      The "Lost" Titles - Color Open
      The "Lost" Titles - Color Close
    • Original Flintstones opening/closing from 1960 in full color. This is the same opening that appears in front of the episodes on the DVD. (There is an article in the booklet on the rediscovery of this color opening and closing footage, and the long expensive search to find and restore it. Previously, this footage was only broadcast in black and white, and it survived only in 16mm b&w network prints that collector's had. Until the LD set, nobody had ever seen this footage in color. not even Hanna and Barbera. The color negative and one print were locked away and never run. Note: This is why you'll notice in the end titles Wilma's missing her mouth as she sleeps — it was corrected when it was reshot in b&w for the network broadcast prints.)

      Flintstones "Miles Products" Commercials:
    • "Miles Labs / Alka Seltzer" B&W Ad — Show Open
      Fred wants to know were the Alka-Seltzer is and he's really happy about it. He loves getting indigestion. (Wilma tells him, "Where they always are, next to the One-A-Day Vitamins.")
    • "Miles Labs / One-A-Day" B&W Ad — Show Close
      (Essentially the same dialogue as the previously. Only this time, when Wilma tells Fred where to find the Alka Seltzer, he answers her "You're the good one!" What the hell does that mean?)
    • "Miles Products / Alka Seltzer" B&W Ad — Show Open
      (Fred walks in with a bag of groceries, and wants to make sure Fred picked up the Alka-Seltzer, which Fred miraculously remembered…)
    • "Miles Products / One-A-Day" B&W Ad — Show Close
      Wilma recounts the vitamins in ONE-A-DAY

      Flintstones "Carnation Evaporated Milk" Commercials (Spanish Audio Only)
    • "Carnation Evaporated Milk" B&W Ad — Commercial Bumper from Show Open
      "Coffee is nothing without skim milk in it."
    • "Carnation Evaporated Milk" B&W Ad — Commercial Bumper from Show Close
      Wilma got her lips back. (I'm not sure at all what this means, since she's not even IN this spot!)

      Flinstones "Welch's" Commercials:
    • "Welch's Grape Jelly" B&W Commercial
      Fred leans the science of Jelly.
    • "Welch's Grape Jelly" B&W Commercial Bumper
      Fred tells you what you need to eat.
    • "Welchade" Color Commercial
      The boys golf better because they drink grape juice which is rich in LEVULOSE. That sounds like something dirty. (Gorgeous color and print, but the way)
    • "Welch's Grape Jelly" Color Commercial
      Stars Fred the friendly lout. (Telling Pebbles the process of making Welch's Grape Jelly.)

      Flintstones "Kitchen Rich Cookies" Commercials:
    • "Kitchen Rich Cookies" B&W Commercial Bumper

      Flintstones "Winston Cigarette" Commercials:
    • "Winston Cigarettes" B&W Ad — Show Open
      Flintstone sucks on a long smooth one.
    • "Winston Cigarettes" B&W Commercial 1: "Fred and Barney"
      This is too much fun. Fred and Barney are lazy bums who sneak around back to hide from the girls so they can have a good smoke. The animation and drawings are great. They really knocked themselves out to try to get you to smoke.
    • "Winston Cigarettes" B&W Commercial 2: "Smoke Shop"
      Flintstone goes to the store to buy smokes. Cool as hell drawings.
    • "Winston Cigarettes" B&W Ad — Show Open
      Fred and Wilma enjoy quality smoking time.

      Meet the Stars of The Flintstones: The Animators:
      (Each animator is featured with a montage of their Flinstone footage.)
    • Ken Muse
    • Don Patterson
    • Carlo Vinci
    • George Nicholas
    • Ed Love

      Meet the Voices of The Flintstones:
      (Montage of Voice Clips and actor photos)
    • Alan Reed (Fred)
    • Bea Benaderet (Betty)
    • Mel Blanc (Barney / Dino)
    • Jena VanderPyl (Wilma)

      Flintstone Toys:
    • 330 images w/text descriptions (still frame section)
    • If you press "Play" during this segment, you each a very lenghty, extended sound fx take of Fred's "running" sounds.

      How to Draw The Flintstones: Designs by Ed Benedict
    • 72 pencils / mode sheets (still frames)

      Pencil Tests:
    • Wilma Pencil Test Sequence (footage)
    • Pencil Tests: Various Designs (19 still frames - various pencils, model sheets, and two storyboard pages from "The Prowler"

    As you folks can see, there's a ton of stuff on the laserdisc that doesn't appear on the DVD set… yet. But I'm not at all surprised. Remember, we still have a few future sets to look forward to, and I'm sure this LD material will be make an appearance along with all this other "newly-found" materials and promotional ads.

    That's all folks…
  17. Dane Marvin

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    Jul 21, 2003
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    One of the most highly-anticipated sets for me since the advent of DVD. [​IMG] I too am betting we'll see a lot of those extras from the LD season 1 appear on future DVD season sets. Remember: the series had quite a run!

    I'm trying so hard to save money for a laptop right now, but this is one thing I'm going to allow myself to buy next week (even if it means selling something else).
  18. John KB

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    May 27, 2003
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    I like that the original openings/closings are included.
  19. John KB

    John KB Second Unit

    May 27, 2003
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    Forgot to mention, there was no audio on my cereal commercials either.
  20. Joseph J.D

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    Dec 4, 2001
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    I am really looking forward to this set on DVD. Count me as one of those kids who used to run home from school to have lunch and watch The Flintstones......those were the days.[​IMG] Can't wait to watch them again....I haven't seen an episode for at least a decade now.

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