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Nov 26, 2006
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Tai Duong
Hi I'm a new member. Basically my dad's arguement is that a home theatre system will break down easliy at high volume's. Is this true? Probably not, but to what extent at what price range? I'm guessing $1300+ for a whole theatre set is what my dad is claiming to break at high volumes.

So he's purchased two eye sore's(they really look bad in a home theatre set-up) because they're designed for clubs, or public settings. They're huge, furry, and black, like your standard professional club speakers.

My question is, is it better to spend about 1500 to have digital 5.1-7.1 speaker setup as opposed to 2 analog speakers that are 800 dollars? Are there HT speakers that can handle a consistant playing of satisfyingly high volume output at a $1500-$2000 dollar price range? I think I have to buy a new digital amp either way, and I think paying the extra couple hundred bucks to go digital instead of improving on this old analog system isn't a good idea. My dad's reason for purchasing the system is basically b/c the amplifier is heavy duty, and we should have heavy-duty speakres as well so they don't break down at high-volumes. Loud music playing, loud karaoking, and your standard loud theatre volume stuff. But I would think heavy duty speakers suffer at low level and mid level volumes. While a good digital set, at that price range would perform well in both those areas. Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks. :)

BTW, the speakers are 300 watts each, which is overkill, i doubt I'd ever use it that loud, I was thinking about 120-150 should be sufficient for home audio, no?

The ceilings on my room are only about 7' feet high, and the room it's in is about 15'(13 counting the kitchen counter) by 19' so It's not too large.


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Dec 11, 2004
There is a giant difference compairing a digital sound to an analog sound.
If its just for music and not music thats in 5.1 then a real good stereo receiver would be ideal.
But if its for home theatre use all the frequency levels are tuned very differently.
Your room is not big enough to need club style speakers, bigger is not always better.. go for clarity rather than just being loud.
Saying a system will "break" without knowing its specs and how its setup is kinda weird but i find my setup to be quite enjoyable, i've had it for 2 years, it litterally rattles the glasses in the kitchen upstairs when i crank it up. Nothing has ever blown, broke or anything, and my system is well under 2k. It is a real horrible setup IMO for just listening to music cause the frequency range on my sub is not what it should be for music but for HT its amazing.
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