How can I do this in Microsoft Excel?

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    OK- I have a table with some employee data- including logins and user names. I'd like to just apply a simple protection to the password field to make the data hidden.

    I know this is not a very secure method- and it doesn't need to be- I'm really just fooling around a bit to see what is possible.

    I attributed the series of Cells as hidden when protected, and then protected the sheet- but the values are still visable. They don't show up in the forumula bar when the field is clicked- but they are still displayed in the table.

    What I would really like would be to have the field be blank unless the document's protection was removed (or better yet- have it prompt for the password when you click on the field in question).

    Any way to do this?

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    To hide the data in the cell,

    Select the cell(s), go to Format -> Cells
    Select the Number Tab, and then the Custom category.
    In the Type box, type ;;; (three semicolons).

    This will prevent the data from showing in the table, you will then need to protect the sheet as you have been doing.

    To view the data again, unprotect the workbook and the data will be in the formula bar. To display the data in the table, select the cell(s) and change the formating to general from custom.

    Not an elegant solution, but it will do what you want.

    When you protect the sheet, you can select permission for the users eg adding data etc...


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