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    I was browsing through after seeing all of the ads, since I'm considering another trip to NYC in the Spring or maybe Fall (went last October - travelled there on Amtrak, no less - LOVED it - great time of year to be there)

    So I'm looking through this site and it's allowing me to pick different places of NYC to stay and the prices for hotels depending on their star ranking. The prices aren't amazing, but they're okay.

    So I click on three stars (don't need a five star hotel in NYC - if you're spending most of your NYC time in your hotel room, something may be wrong with you.) and it's not telling me where the hotel is. Up until this point, the site has made a big deal of "no refunds".

    So I'm looking, and I'm realizing that the site only tells you where you're staying after you actually pay for the room. The non-refundable room. $600-700 worth of non-refundable room for a few days worth. So, if I'm getting this right, it's sort of gambling on your vacation. You may get something great, you may not.

    I used last trip, which worked out fine, but this site - if I'm understanding it - seems ridiculous.
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    You mean Hotwire?

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