Help me decide on two different Polk Audio speakers.

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by SamMet, Jan 16, 2006.

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    Greetings fellow Home Theatre Enthusiasts, I am brand new here and would like to devote my first post to a problem I am currently enduring...

    I just received a brand new HK Receiver (AVR-235), and am now looking into speakers.

    I have two different speakers from Polk that I am looking into:

    1. Pair of Polk Monitor 60's
    2. Pair of Polk RTi-8's

    I am so undecided between the two, both have their stengths and all.

    The only thing I could find negative about EITHER of these two speakers, was with the RTi8's, that apparently people are experiencing a "BRIGHT tweeter". I have no idea what that is, so...could you help tell me what that is all about as well?

    What do you guys personally reccomend? I know the RTi series is a better Polk series than the Monitor, but those Monitor 60's really hold their own from the many reviews I have read.

    Thanks for any feedback you give me!
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    Have you listened to and compared them? Just because "the RTi series is a better Polk series than the Monitor" doesn't necessarily mean they will sound better. I would buy whichever sounds the best to your ears. Remember, they will probably sound different in the showroom than in your home too. Will the dealer let you buy both and return the ones you don't want without a rectocking fee? It's worth a try to ask.

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