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    I'm really happy that I found this forum. I've been watching movies at home since the VCR days. I got my first mono VCR in 1985 at the age of 15. I've been renting movies frequently since that date. When I grew up and had my first job I got my first receiver along with a HiFi VCR. Was really happy with the improvement. Later was a DVD player and my second Receiver with DTS sound. Again another huge improvement. Finally a few months ago I got my first Blu-ray player but i have no receiver yet and was counting with your advise to get my first HDMI 3D ready receiver. I don't have a big budget to get it so keep that in mind when giving me advise. I'll post a formal question in the hardware begginers forum. Please follow that post if you are willing to help me. Thanks in advance!
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