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Feb 15, 2023
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Hi, I am Mike, a transplanted Bostonian who had been living in South Carolina for 16 years now. I have been researching items for an Atmos setup and found myself being steered to this forum, so I thought I would join in!!!

I am building my home theater at the moment. I owned a home 5.1 system years ago but it was too bit to bring with me when I moved. It was one of those where everything was in one box. I want to say it was an RCA, but it did it's job back in the late 90's. It was basically free for me too since it was part of work incentive catalog. But it did the job. I remember Twister was a blast to watch with it back in the days.

I live in an apartment and had gotten a Vizio M series M512a-H6 Sound Bar system last month. It was OK, but the the surrounds just sounded off in some content. They were garbled and tinny with some distortion. The atmos effect was there, but barely. The sub didn't really do much either. I figured I could move the sound bar to the bedroom since I will hopefully be moving into a house later this year. But I was just disappointed with the distortion. It just didn't meet expectations or the good reviews I saw on it. So it was shipped back to Amazon over the weekend and I am waiting on the refund, and will put it towards some speakers for a real system.

As for the new system, I already ordered a Denon S760H receiver from Costco. Looking into speaker options, but that will be a subject for another post.

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