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Have Studios Run Out Of New Ideas For DVD Extras? (1 Viewer)

R. Kay

Second Unit
May 11, 1999
Lately, its been a little bit of ho-hum with extras on dvds. While some extras are 'blowout fantastic' (and there are lots of em like this), it seems like they've reached the limit on what they can offer the consumer.

The only thing I can think of that they havent utilized much as of yet is the 'Multi-Angle' function. I think there are a lot of possibilities with that.

Any other ideas that you think the studios may be overlooking?

Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
I don't know, I don't necessarily think we need new kinds of extras- rather an increase in quality of the existing ones before we more forward.

I'm always amazed when I pop in a disc from someone like Criterion -- while the package boasts the same types of extras I'm getting on other discs in my colection- the difference in what I get is night and day. We need better commentaries from more interesting sources (Ebert type film buff commentaries and tracks from Historians or Experts are a step in the right direction) and real documentary footage on important films- instead of promotional fluff.

I think the attention, especially from we the shrinking minority film buffs in the DVD universe, should be less on "pushing technology" for the sake of implementing features- but rather trimming the FAT from these releases and concentrating on providing educational quality supplements.

I think we should be rewarding the producers who hit with solid content and inventive information- rather than spending too much effort judging releases on which buttons had to be manipulated in order to attain the knowledge.


Iain Jackson

Second Unit
Nov 22, 2001
Are there any mainstream film DVDs that make use of the multi-angle function in the film rather than as a behind-the-scenes vignette or storyboard comparison? Films often have key scenes shot from different angles, and this could be an interesting alternative to deleted scenes...


Feb 26, 2002
I hate multi-angle features (partly because my DVD player puts a really ugly and distracting "movie camera" logo on the screen for them) but if that's what floats your boat... I personally am more inclined towards Vince's point of view. A plain old commentary or documentary can be absolutely perfect when some thought and effort are put into them. I don't particularly want features that utilize nifty technology if they're short on quality content that supplements the film well. As a confessed "extras addict", I hate wasting my time on fluff and bell & whistles.

Jeff Kleist

Senior HTF Member
Dec 4, 1999
You can turn off the camera icon in your DVD Player's menu, at least on every deck I've seen

What we need more of is gag reels. They should start asking ACTORS and not their agents whether or not they feel embarressed. Armageddon Criterion had it, and it was great. I hate having to obtain reels through shady sources, why not earn some money from them studios?


I too have to agree with Vince,

Also if we are going to be getting more P&S releases, I would rather do away with extras to get the OAR on the same DVD.


Most DVD players have a way of turning off that logo in your DVD players setup menus. If you state what kind of player you have I am sure someone will tell you how to turn it off.


Dean DeMass

Jun 30, 1997
I also agree with Vince. Look at mainstream DVDs such as The Phantom Menace, The Abyss, 12 Monkeys, Mallrats, Apollo 13, and Seven. All of these titles have either great Documentaries or Commentaries. In the case of Apollo 13 and Seven, these two DVDs have multiple commentaries which are fantastic. Take away all the fluff crap and give me a great Documentary over anything. The docs. in The Phantom Menace, 12 Monkeys, and The Abyss are fantastic and worth multiple viewings.


Jon Robertson

May 19, 2001
Criterion still has a ton of new tricks in their magic bag.

I've never heard of a "dialogue editing demonstration" like they're including on Traffic or any number of features that I've seen in the past.

When studios present something really innovative (like Moulin Rouge with various screenplay drafts and abandoned edits) it really feels like payday.


Apr 30, 2002
I'd like to see more "critical" commentaries (not in the sense of attacking the film, but giving critical analysis). The Ric Meyers commentaries on many North American releases of Hong Kong movies are among the best I've heard.

Roger Ebert suggested in one of his electronic life columns that people should record their own commentaries which could then be posted on the web and downloaded for playback with movies watched on a computer dvd. Even better would be dvd players with a hard drive included so that commentaries and enhancements could be downloaded for existing dvd's.


Senior HTF Member
Mar 4, 2001
Catfisch Cinema
Real Name
I also agree with Vince and Gregory.
The Toy Story DVDs are examples of some outstanding extras. And 12 Monkeys is a good example of a DVD with "only" two extras, but they are both excellent. In contrast, I'm a little disappointed with the extras for A.I., in that I would love to have critical commentaries, more detailed look at the making of the mechas, the history of the movie from Kubrick to Spielberg, and even discussion with Spielberg about how this movie compares to other efforts.
A gag reels are always welcome :)

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