Good 24"-27" CRT?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by KyleK, Sep 18, 2005.

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    This is going to sound really stupid compared to a lot of the advanced discussions going on in this forum, but I need a recommendation. My roommates and I need to get a good, old-fashioned 24"-27" CRT, hopefully for $150 or less. We found this one at our local Wal-Mart but decided to look around a bit more before buying:

    I was hoping for the full set of a/v inputs (why do they always leave out the red one??). Any input is much appreciated.

    Kyle [​IMG]
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    Things you need:

    At least three video inputs as evidenced by three Video selections on the remote and three audio inputs (not the output) in the rear of the TV>

    A real 16:9 mode, a squeeze on a 4;3 TV.

    Ability to use all the aspect ratio choices including when inputting progressive scan (if the TV takes that).

    Ability to choose channels by number so you don't have to walk through all of the intervening channels going up or down.

    Quick changing of channels when you push the buttons on the remote, including the number buttons.

    If you do not follow these guidelines I guarantee you will be cursing the TV in short order.

    I still recommend reading Consumer Reports and in addition ruling out TV's that they give poor ratings to.

    Video hints:

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