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    I'm moving soon, and as a college student I've had access to the UI's T1 (freshman and sophmore year) and most recently a cable modem (for the last two years). My new appartment, and job, is in an area with very little technological penetration. I know for a fact that Digital Cable will not be available at my appartment (out in the country) so I'm looking into alternatives for Internet access. I was intrigued by the DirecTV DSL service until I looked through their webpage and it sounds to me that it is a regular DSL service, which isn't likely to work with rural (read: old) phone lines. If it is a regular old DSL (and not a downstream satelite feed) why does it have anything to do with DirecTV? I'm at a loss to see why DirecTV would offer a service that has nothing to do with it's sats...

    Anyone know more about this, or even better yet, anyone subscribe to this service?

    I'm looking at moving back to a dial-up for the time being (until the roadway in front of the place is reconstructed next year and hopefully the utilities upgrade their services at the same time), for roughly $20/month, whereas DirecTV DSL is $50/month.

    Other questions:

    Is there some sort of deal with TV and Internet access bundled?

    Is DISH's internet access any good? (Last I looked it was ridiculously expensive...)

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