Moving and Re-evaluating TV options

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Chris Souders, Jan 13, 2005.

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    My current setup is DirecTV Tivo into Samsung DLP.
    I'm moving and considering other options.
    I don't have any particular complaints with my current service (I'm at an apt. complex with a large sat. dish on the roof).
    I currently have DSL incidentally.
    I have not followed what the industry has brought about in the last 2 years since my TIVO is working so fine for me.

    I want to get HDTV with the move. I love the TIVO and mostly use it to get season passes to shows that'd I'd never be around to watch.

    My concern with moving to a new house is that the reg. dish would likely be more susceptible to interference from rain right? We have some mighty big rainstorms in Houston.

    Time Warner is my other option...I'm having a hard time finding out if they offer DVR which matches the capabilities of DirecTv Tivo. Does it?

    As side note, the previous owner says that the DSL at the house is crap, and roadrunner is much better...which would be a nice all-inclusive deal if I can get something appropriate TV wise.

    Other issues I'd like to hear about, and feel free to tell me what I don't know but should...
    how quickly do the channels change on each system?
    concerned that directv doesn't get me local HDTV signals...
    anything else.

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    Chris, the TV Shows area is for discussiing the programming on television. Here's where you want to ask your question.

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