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Did my SVS make me sick? (1 Viewer)

Michael Varacin

Stunt Coordinator
May 24, 2002
I just recieved my first ever subwoofer yesterday, a SVS PCB12-2 Plus. I went home, did a quick calibration on the sound level, and started watching a few scenes from some movies...not at real loud volumes, about -10 to -15db. After a few minutes, I switched to some concert videos. After 15 more minutes, I got up to switch the disc, and I could not walk...I had no sense of balance and was bumping into things!

I know that tests have been done to show effects of sound pressure waves on people, but has something like this ever happened to anyone?

I've never experienced that type of nausia before. Maybe it was a freak coinsidence. I will try again this weekend to repeat it.

I have not done a frequency scan of my room yet.

Nick Laho

Jan 13, 2004
Could it have been the acid trip inducing effect a svs has on your mind? :D I certainly have felt some dizzying euphoria, but never anything like that. I suppose if it was really pressurizing your room it might be possible, but I know nothin' about that kind of stuff anyway.

Robert Cowan

Supporting Actor
Nov 10, 2003
i SERIOUSLY doubt it.

ive heard some serious bass in my life, and nothing has come close to that. (however, i have had some vertigo-like effects from closing my eyes with speakers that image really well). it takes 130dB or so to knock your equilibrium out of whack.

Allen Marshall

Supporting Actor
Sep 26, 2003
When i had my PB2+ in my small room i was listening to a song standing up and i felt kinda weird when it passed by this part in the song. I felt lighter, or sorta like the ground was falling under me, almost the feeling yah get when yah spin around 50 times but not quite.

It was a part where it hits a bass note very loud, and sustains that for 3 seconds, then hits a lower note and sustains that for 3 seconds and then an even lower note sustained for like 5 seconds. It has a very interesting effect on the ground.

So i dont know what that was all about. I had my sub on 25hz mode and i had my reciever volume very loud.


Stunt Coordinator
Mar 4, 2004
It is not difficult to get nausea if you can find the resonant frequency of your inner organs. The effect is identical to instant travel sickness.

I found this out when testing my own bandpass subs (singly) using an audio frequency signal generator. They were flat down to 20Hz and rolled off slowly below that.

It was probably 10 years ago. So I can't remember which frequency any more. I was doing an 80dB response curve through a wimpy 30 watt stereo amp with my Radioshack SPL meter. I remember I was within a metre of the single 4" port. Due to the very short leads on the equipment.

It was so like travelling on a 1960's British double-decker bus that I swear could smell the cigarettes upstairs. :b



Second Unit
Dec 1, 2003
Here's what it was. The SVS added so much realism to the overall sound, your mind started believing that you were actually INSIDE the CD's and movies that you were listening to. When you stood up, you had to travel back from that euphoric universe and into this world. Now, fitting your whole body onto a CD has GOT to require SOME amount of nausea. :P

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