Dharman or SVS (Long)

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  1. James Edward

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    May 1, 2000
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    A friend would like to replace/upgrade from a Velo CT-100. My two choices for him are the SVS 25-31PC or the Audio Adire Dharman.
    His room is fairly large- 18x20, and opens to a kitchen. He
    tends to play things(music and movies) very loud at times. The Dharman appears to have limiting circuitry to prevent overdriving the woofer, whereas the SVS does not. I would think that the SVS might sound a little better because of this, but on the other hand, this guy does NOT pay attention to little details like overdriving and blowing the woofer.
    Would it be safer to get the Dharman? HAs anyone gone from a CT series woof to it?
    Or do the powered cylinder SVS's have limiters/subsonic filtering?
    Two woofers are out of the question- he wouldn't spend the money. All opinions welcome please. Thanks
  2. Ryan Schnacke

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    Feb 5, 2001
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    If you look at the parts page at svsubwoofers you'll see that they do mention a subsonic filter as a feature of the PC amplifier. But no specifics are given.
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  3. Jack Gilvey

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    Mar 13, 1999
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  4. Tim_S

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    Oct 2, 2000
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    I recently upgraded from a CT100 myself and bumped all the way up to a SVS CS Ultra, which I like a lot. My guess is that the other SVS's share a lot of the same sonic charactaristics but it takes more to play as loud. If that guess is correct, your friend should be quite happy with the SVS.
    On the other hand, from the preliminary reports on the Dharman, I doubt he would be upset with it either. Tough call.
  5. MaxY

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    Well I had a Dharman demo unit for about a week and Just gave it up last Thursday to Chris White who should be posting some thoughts on it soon as well.
    I ordered a Dharman in Black for myself.
    I do not think it is better then an SVS though. I do think it will provide close to equal performance and it does seem to cost less especially when you factor in the Discount that Dan offered up on them in another forum.
    Basically the cost of my Dharman is $550 Delivered. I did actually look on SVS' Web site and did not see anything that could be had as cheaply or I might have considered an SVS.
    Besides the Oak Dharman is a real thing of beauty. I would have ordered mine in Oak but Black is what works in my room.
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