Conan the Destroyer - Special Edition

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    Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of this movie. The special effects just suck, and Conan's sidekick annoyed the hell out of me. I'm a huge fan of it's predecessor, but 'the Destroyer' doesn't quite live up to the origional's standards. Nevertheless, it has it's place in the Conan archives simply because it's a Conan movie, and Ahnuld is in it. I try to forgive all the other 'kid oriented' stuff.
    But some like the film better than 'the Barbarian', which means they would like it to get the special DVD treatment.
    I do believe it's a film that could be greatly improved upon with some additional footage and a good widescreen transfer. I saw the DVD out now and the picture quality was pretty good, but I wanted more than that. Let's have a commentary, some deleted scenes and a documentary. Just give it the treatment the origional was given recently.
    I bought CTB SE, I'd buy CTD SE too... People responsible , please take note.
    P.S. BTW, We also need a DVD special edition of 'Dragonslayer' too! I can't that hasn't happened yet!
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