Component Video Cable Shootout

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  1. Kevin Coleman

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    Jul 3, 1999
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    Ok guys I have finally given in to the hype and ordered a set of better cables silver serpent component video cables due to the many good reviews on this forum.
    I plan on doing a blind comparison between the SS's and the DIY cables I made using the Chris White method here:
    The DIY cables cost me under 30 dollars to make for 10 feet.
    The SS's were 139.95 for 9.84 feet.
    If I can't see a difference the "better cables" are going back. We shall see.
    My Equipment:
    ECP 4500 CRT projector with 92" 16X9 screen.
    Malata N996 DVD player.
    There is about a 10 foot run between my projector and DVD player so if there is a difference I should definitely be able to see it with this setup.
    Kevin C. [​IMG]
  2. Bob McElfresh

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    May 22, 1999
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    Kevin. I'm looking forward to your comparison. Please keep us informed.

    Did you use the Canare coax and plugs? Please make sure to document the part numbers for your report.

    I'd suggest you use some of the static (non moving) test patterns on Avia as your first comparison. This is usually a lot easier to perceive as you have lots of time to look and notice things. Do a couple of the patterns back and fourth.

    Then, go for a scene in a movie, perhaps one of the superbit DVD's. Or do you already have some favorite scenes in mind to use?

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