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Feb 23, 2016
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Dani Hame
Would definitely recommend finding a ceiling mount, but it sounds like you already mounted the new one so I'm not sure if you're still planning to go with the HT1075. Your cat seems great, but that's going to be a pain to deal with after a while. I get the argument that it'll decrease mobility, but once you have the screen centered, it's not like you're going to move the projector around anyway.

Can you take a picture of the new projector mounted? I want to see how it looks. And are you giving up on the HT1075?

Sam Posten

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Oct 30, 1997
Aberdeen, MD & Navesink, NJ
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Sam Posten
Wow, there's so much wrong there to unpack, let me try to hit all of the points.

I don't own the 1075, I had it in to review and then sent it back to BenQ. The 4050 will also be sent back to BenQ when I am done.

I have had the Peerless 'flush' cieling mount for 3 years. It is used to hold up my Epson 5020 PJ which I paid cash for and was not a review unit. I love both the mount and my 5020.

I bought a SECOND Peerless mount, I essentially am 'throwing away' the part that gets attached to the ceiling and am attaching the 'spider' part to the 4050 so that I can easily swap between it and my 5020 without a lot of hassle. It takes roughly 20 minutes and bruised fingers to swap the spider from one PJ to another, it was worth the cash to have a second one on hand to easily compare between them.

I never put the 1075 on the ceiling. It was only reviewed on my DaLite Projector Stand. It worked ok for that time but would not work for me today because my high back Devonshire Chairs would get in the way of the light path. The only way I can reasonably effectively review the 4050 is with it ceiling mounted.

My cats are beloved. They aren't going anywhere. They are fans of 3D and 16hz bass drops.

My screen is permanently mounted on my wall. It was an inexpensive buy via Amazon and was mounted by me and another HTFer! Thanks Jason Charlton =)

There will be tons of pictures of the 4050, both of itself and in situ in my basement when the review is done. It will be a new post, not added to this one.
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Patrick Sun

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Jun 30, 1999
Let's bump an almost decade old thread. I finally joined the projectors owner group. Having accumulated a lot of 3D blu-rays (I think over 65 3D titles now) in the past year, I thought it was time to get something so I could actually view these 3D titles in my collection. Since 3D TV sets are a thing of the past (I guess 2016 was the last year the TV makers included the 3D option), I did a week or two of research, as well as combing secondary markets (ebay, fb marketplace, craig's list, etc), I thought I scored a projector for a low price off ebay, but evidently that listing wasn't posted with a proper reserve price or a buy-it-now price, so that seller welched on that auction, so I had to find another projector, and as it turns out, I finally got a response from a fb marketplace seller, and after a few days after the new year, I was able to meet up and take possession of the projector, and as you guessed it, it was a Benq HT1075. I even dug up this review before purchasing it to check out the merits of this model.

I could tell it was an older model from all of the legacy video input connections it offered (LOL!), but nonetheless, the price was right ($175), with the caveat that I'd be replacing the bulb due to the hours on it (scored a new bulb for $50). I don't really have the dedicated HT room, so I snagged a 100" screen off Amazon ($50), and just rigged it up as best I can, and at least it's mostly out of way when not in use. Got a pair of 3D glasses for $20, a long HDMI cable ($15), and later a HDMI 4x2 matrix switch/splitter ($40) so I don't have to yank HDMI cables around from the 4k/blu-ray players when I wanted to use the projector over the regular 4k TV, while running audio through the receiver.

Behind my couch is a L-shaped counter that blocks off the kitchen area, and I ended up just resting the projector on that counter top, and also had to raise the back end of the projector, and then keystoned my way to video greatness to get rid of the trapezoidal display shape. Thankfully that mostly worked out without too much fanfare.

Been enjoying watching 3D content finally. I also watched Sin City A Dame to Kill For in 3D as my first 3D movie too, and it looked great. Happy with the $350 investment to get into 3D viewing. While my day-to-day 4k TV is 70", the 100" screen with this 1080p projector gives movies that extra bit of scale that's hard to deny (also took in a viewing of the Ultimate Cut for Watchmen, and the 3D version of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice). While black levels aren't as good, I still enjoy watching movies on the 100" screen now that I have the option to do so.

Anyhow, thanks for the review!

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