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Geoff C

Apr 23, 2003
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Hi all, after lurking here for a few weeks, I think I have found what may be the ideal setup for my living room I'm remodeling.

It's 15x15 with 8' ceilings and will have wood floors with a rug over the center. The back wall only extends 1/3 the way, and behind is a small dining room. So I'm using ceiling mounted rears.

Fronts: Axiom m22Ti's
Center: Axiom VP150
Receiver: Denon 2803
Sub: Athena P2

~$1700 total, not bad right?

From what I've read, at this price point, I'm pretty sure the Axioms are a sure bet for my taste.

I've heard mixed reviews about the Denon series, but I'm guessing at this price point, and these sized speakers, it will do well. I'm planning on doing 5.1 with other 2 channels used for some round-the-house ceiling speakers (small house). 3803 power necessary?

The sub is my biggest question. I need something small to fit in a corner behind a large chair, hopefully musically accurate (I'm a bass player myself), but it'd be nice if I could get some rumble for HT.

P2 good for this? Subercube seems perfect, except pricey and maybe too loud and expensive for the rest of my system (and wife and baby...).

Any other sub suggestions? Angstrom's TENi would be perfect, especially in maple, but then again, it's ~$800.
SVS cube is too big. Maybe DIY for small subs? link? I am handy and have a bunch of tools.

Thanks for the help!!


Jan 28, 2003
Did you say you are mounting the surrounds in the ceiling?

Have a look at the Hsu VTF-2 sub. It is a little smaller than the SVS cube and also a great sub. And since you are in LA, you can drive to Anaheim to pick it up and save on shipping charges. www.hsuresearch.com

Another company close to you is Ascend Acoustics. Their CBM-170 has gotten outstanding reviews. www.ascendacoustics.com

And since you are in LA and I'm in Manhattan Beach, you may be interested in coming to listen to my Ascend/Hsu setup, although I have the VTF-3, not the VTF-2.


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