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Sep 8, 2012
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Aug 17, 2001
We are still missing some classic popular great western tv shows: Trackdown with Robert Culp, Tales of the Texas Rangers with Willard Parker, Hotel de Paree with Earl Holliman, the Disney tv westerns Texas John Slaughter, Elfego Baca and the excellent 1990's Paradise/Guns of Paradise.
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Apr 27, 2007
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Browsing some 50s DVD sets & saw Tales of Tomorrow has episodes available in volume sets (three of them, as far as I can tell).

Thanks again for these lists!
Aug 17, 2001

7th Heaven (All 11 seasons, Paramount)
Acapulco H.E.A.T. (Both seasons, Mill Creek Entertainment)**
Air America (All 26 episodes, Sony)**
Ally McBeal (All 5 seasons, FOX)**
Angel (All 5 seasons, FOX)
Babylon 5 (All 5 seasons, Warner Bros.)
Beverly Hills, 90210 (All 10 seasons, Paramount)
Brooklyn South
(Complete series, A&E Home Video)**
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (All 7 seasons, FOX)
Charmed (All 8 seasons, Paramount)
Christy (All 21 episodes + 3 TV Movies, FOX)
Cobra (All 22 episodes, VEI)
Cop Rock (All 11 episodes, Shout! Factory)
The Commish (All 5 seasons, S1&2- Anchor Bay Entertainment ** / CS- Mill Creek Entertainment)
Conan: The Adventurer
(All 22 episodes, Image Entertainment)**
Dawson's Creek (All 6 seasons, Sony)
Dead Man's Gun
(Both seasons, Alliance Films-
/ TGG Direct-
Diagnosis: Murder (All 8 seasons + 5 TV Movies, S1-3- Paramount** / S1-8 + 5 TV Movies-VEI)
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (All 6 seasons, A&E Home Video)
Due South (All 4 seasons, Alliance Films-
/ EchoBridge Entertainment-
Early Edition (Seasons 1&2 of 4, Paramount)**
Earth: Final Conflict
(All 5 seasons, Alliance Films)
Eerie, Indiana (All 19 episodes, Alpha Video)**
Emily of New Moon (All 4 seasons, Alliance Films-
/ EchoBridge Entertainment-
ER (All 15 seasons, Warner Bros.)
Felicity (All 4 seasons, Disney** / Lionsgate)
Flipper (1995) (All 4 Seasons, S1-, MGM / S2-4- TGG Direct) (s1) MOD
Freaks and Geeks (All 18 episodes, Shout! Factory)
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (All 6 seasons, Anchor Bay Entertainment**
/ S1-5- Universal)
Highlander: The Series (All 6 seasons, Anchor Bay Entertainment)**
Homicide: Life on the Street (All 7 seasons, A&E Home Video)
JAG (All 10 seasons, Paramount)
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
(Seasons 1&2 of 4, Warner Bros.) MOD
La Femme Nikita (All 5 seasons, Warner Bros.)
Law & Order (All 20 seasons, Universal)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Seasons 1-16 of 17, Universal)
Legend (All 12 episodes, Mill Creek Entertainment)
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (All 4 seasons, Warner Bros.)
The Lost World (All 3 seasons, Image Entertainment)**
Melrose Place
(All 7 seasons, Paramount)
(All 3 seasons, FOX)
Murder One (Both seasons, FOX)
My So-Called Life (All 19 episodes, Shout! Factory)
Nash Bridges (All 6 seasons, S1-3- Paramount** / S1-6- VEI)
Northern Exposure (All 6 seasons, Universal)
Now and Again
(All 22 episodes, Paramount)
NYPD Blue (Seasons 1-10 of 12, S1-4- FOX / S5-10- Shout! Factory)
Once and Again (Seasons 1&2 of 3, Disney)
Oz (All 6 seasons, HBO Home Video)
The Outer Limits (1995) (All 7 seasons, Alliance Films)
Party of Five (All 6 seasons, S1-6- Sony** (s4-6) MOD / S1&2 + CS- Mill Creek Entertainment)
Picket Fences
(Season 1 of 4, FOX)
Poltergeist: The Legacy (Season 1 of 4, Sony)
The Practice (Seasons 1&2 of 8, S1- FOX / S8- Shout! Factory)
The Pretender (All 4 seasons + 2 TV Movies, FOX)
Profiler (All 4 seasons, A&E Home Video)**
Providence (Best-of, Lionsgate)**
Renegade (All 5 seasons, S1-3- Anchor Bay Entertainment** / CS- Mill Creek Entertainment)
Road to Avonlea
(All 7 seasons + 1 TV movie, Sullivan Entertainment)
Roswell (All 3 seasons, FOX)
SeaQuest DSV
(Seasons 1&2 of 3, Universal)
The Sentinel (Season 1 of 4, Paramount)**
Significant Others (All 6 episodes, Sony)**
Silk Stalkings (All 8 seasons, S1-5- Anchor Bay Entertainment** / S1, S6-8- Mill Creek Entertainment)
Sisters (Seasons 1-5 of 6, Shout! Factory)
Sliders (All 5 seasons, Universal** / Mill Creek Entertainment)
The Sopranos (All 6 seasons, HBO Home Video)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (All 7 seasons, Paramount)
Star Trek: Voyager (All 7 seasons, Paramount)
Stargate SG-1
(All 10 seasons, MGM)
Street Justice (Both seasons, VEI)
Third Watch (Seasons 1&2 of 6, Warner Bros.)
Touched by an Angel
(All 9 seasons, Paramount)
Twin Peaks (Both seasons, Paramount)
Two Guys and A Girl (All 4 seasons, Shout! Factory)
Walker, Texas Ranger (All 8 seasons, Paramount)
The X-Files (All 9 seasons, FOX)
Xena: Warrior Princess (All 6 seasons, Anchor Bay Entertainment** / Universal)
Young Hercules (All 50 episodes, Shout! Factory)
The Young Riders (All 3 seasons, S1- MGM** / S1-3- TGG Direct)

#- Releases contain syndicated episodes, not original broadcast versions
- Releases contain music edits
**- Releases have been discontinued and our now out of print
CS- Complete series release
MOD - Manufacture-on-Demand release
Aug 17, 2001
Paradise/Guns of Paradise. It was named Paradise for 2 seasons & then changed to Guns of Paradise for seasons 3.
You forgot one of the best western TV series of the late 90s, a through back to when TV westerns were great. Paradise/Guns of Paradise.


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Aug 9, 2003
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Harry N.
I don't see THE GUNS OF WILL SONNETT in the 60s list. It came out through Timeless - both seasons, though edited syndication versions.

Also, a 90s series that aired on UPN called NOWHERE MAN isn't listed. It only ran one season but was released on DVD in the 2000's.
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Jun 21, 2011
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Thanks for pointing out the errors/omission, corrections and updates have been made.

Nowhere Man is a cool show, I came across it by accident a while back and really enjoyed it. I wish someone would re-release this on show on DVD as the original release is way out of print. Unfortunately, I doubt that will happen seeing as how Disney is the one that owns the rights to the series.


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Apr 27, 2007
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Small correction - move Viper to the 1990s list (it's in the the '80s list).

Keep up the great work!


May 5, 2008
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Mike Stidham
Tales of Wells Fargo (most of S1 with a couple of episodes from S2-3, and a separate set with all but a couple of episodes from the final color season) were put out a while back by Timeless. It would be a question of what decade since the first set would have been in the 50s, while the other set was the 62-63 season.


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Mar 12, 2016
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Anyone have any info on the 90's tv show Renegade ? I have season one and some years ago I sold season 2&3 because I heard a complete set was out . Turned out to be some really crappy set from Mill Creek which for some reason sells over $200-$300 now . This show is available on hulu and the first 3 seasons on amazon via comtv , Anyone know the quality on Hulu ?

So who own the physical media rights and what are the chances of another complete set hopefully better done this time around then what looked to be dvds from someones basement from Millcreek. They have been doing a much better job with there blurays , The show according to IMDB was shot on 35mm ? A bluray set would be so possible .. :)

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