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Official **LIVE** Questions Transcript --- WB Chat (March 29, 2005) (1 Viewer)

John Simon

Second Unit
Feb 6, 2001
Chat's over. This post contains all the questions that were asked. Look down a few posts for Robert Crawford's list of the announcements made by WB.
  • I know that Humoresque is coming out in June, are there any other John Garfield films in the pipeline for release and are Spencer Tracy and Clark Gable boxsets coming out this year?
  • I was wondering if Night School, New Year's Evil, Dark Night of the Scarecrow, or Killer Party are likely to be included in this fall's horror slate? If not, what can we expect to see?
  • I wanted to ask about Storm Warning with Reagan, Day & Ginger Rogers. And the Streisand A Star Is Born
  • My question is if there are any further Murphy Brown sets in the works; if so, which season(s) and if not, do you think there will be any plans to bring it to the drawing board in the near or distant future?
  • about THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS, any update on the status for this? Last I heard you were looking for better elements? Also, any plans for JOURNEY INTO FEAR (1943)?
  • Do you have any plans for utilizing more of your Allied Artists titles from your library? I'd particularly like to see some great AA drive-in classics like NOT OF THIS EARTH ('57), CALTIKI ('59) and GIANT BEHEMOTH ('59), as well as bigger titles like the action classic, GOLD ('74).
  • Is there any more info on the release of Over The Edge? I've been hearing about it for quite sometime and thought it had been scheduled for 2004- can we look forward to it this year? Also (I think its a Warner property) any info on a Veronica Mars S1 release? (hoping for 16:9)
  • I've been incredibly happy with the season sets of "Friends" that are available. Is the tenth season of friends being planned for release soon, and if so, when?
  • I'm looking forward to the upcoming Thin Man Collection and Adventures of Superman (hopefully multiple seasons). Are there any plans for other classic "series" films (RKO Tarzan, Saint/Falcon, etc.) or Signature Collections of non Thin Man Powell/Loy or Pre-Code films.
  • does WHV has any plans for more Classic [genre] boxes (i.e. Classic Horror/Drama) and/or follow-ups to the 'old' boxes (i.e. Gangster Box Vol. 2)?
  • There are rumors about a 4-DVD set with both Ben-Hur movies. The available DVD of the 1959 version is heavily cropped on all sides. Will the new DVD be mastered from 65/70mm elements or from a proper framed 35mm reduction print? Can we expect bonus materials on the 1925 version and new material on the Wyler film?
  • I'd like to ask about the two Antonioni films I believe you currently have the rights to: Zabriskie Point and The Passenger. Is there any chance that we might see these released?
  • Last year the Tom & Jerry Spotlight Collection was released unfortunately with edited/cut material. Jerry Beck was quoted by cartoonresearch in Dec '04 as saying that "Warner Bros. Home Video is very, very upset over the edited cartoons... From what I've been able to gather, the intention is for fans to be able to replace Disc 1 at no charge to them." What can you tell us about any possi
  • What's coming up in the remaining Warner's 50th waves? Soon Brisco Cty Jr. will rise to be TVShowsOnDVD's 2nd-most-voted-for unreleased show; is it among them? Kotter? Alice? Family Matters? Drew Carey Show? Knot's Landing? Animaniacs/TinyToons/Pinky? Witchblade? Max Headroom? THE FLASH?! Birds of Prey? Also, can you tell us ANYTHING about 60's Batman? Would you believe I'm also asking about GET SMART!
  • Are the prospects for a Perfect Strangers season set better now than they were last year, and will we see Smallville S4 before the end of August? Love the Dukes sets, and please consider Enos!
  • Brimstone is my favourite show and also the one I really want on DVD what are the plans for it? Also what's in the works for Third Watch , Opposite Sex, Run of the House, Bucky O'Hare, Fish Police, Xiaolin Showdown?
  • I wanted to ask today about Two Girls and a Sailor (1944) -- a really charming little musical with June Allyson, Gloria DeHaven, Van Johnson and Jimmy Durante, and featured performances by Lena Horne, Gracie Allen, Harry James and Xavier Cugat, among others.
  • Any chance we'll see Justice League and Batman Beyond Box sets in the future?
  • Any chance of Fearless and/or Dangerous Liaisons getting the re-release treatment they deserve?
  • are you going to be revisiting some older dvds, which are tragically only available in p&s, such as Grumpy Old Men? Also, any chance of Coal Black showing up on a Looney Tunes collection?
  • First, thanks to everyone at Warner for taking the time to answer our questions this evening.
    My questions were animation related, and since that person isn't here, is it possible for you to please provide a contact in that department who we can all ask with follow-ups, as opposed to going through general email or normal phone channels?
  • Are there any plans for Bachelor Mother, Kitty Foyle, Pride and Prejudice, Waterloo Bridge, A Woman's Face and some MacDonald/Eddy operettas?
  • Any status of The Outsiders: Extended Edition and or a WS version of Arthur?
  • Have a title that has been asked about time and time again -- and is certainly in need of a 2-disc SE release: DOG DAY AFTERNOON
  • How about some 70s titles: Scarecrow, Night Moves, Brewster McCloud, Performance, Fedora
  • Do you have any plans to release the Batman films (including the animated Mask of the Phantasm) in Special Editions? Also are there any plans for a Green Mile SE
  • In your previous chat here, you indicated that THE YAKUZA was on for early 2005. Can you give us an update? Also, any plans for UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE?
  • Any plans for later MGM musicals The Boy Friend & Goodbye Mr. Chips
  • Any news regarding Everwood Season 2, NIP/TUCK Season 2 and Jack & Bobby Season 1.
  • Do you have any plans for Mama's Family, Growing Pains and The Hogan Family?
  • Are there any plans to release a second Lon Chaney collection? It couldcontain The Unholy Three (Both Versions), West of Zanzibar, Tell it to the Marines, and He Who Gets Slapped
  • any chance of releasing stealing home in widescreen?
  • WHAT IS happening with Alexander will it be a 2 disc special edition or just a regular disc and is there a directors cut in the works, will the dvd come out before july
  • Hi, I'd like to ask about the 80's Lorimar soaps. Is there a definite commitment to a full season by season release of DALLAS? Also, are there any plans for a complete series release of KNOTS LANDING, FALCON CREST and FLAMINGO ROAD?
  • Any possibility for the Bill Murray comic sci-fi oddity NOTHING LASTS FOREVER, now that there is a book coming out about it (shameless plug, sorry) and Murray has stated that he would love to contribute to special features?
  • What's the current status on the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers box set that was previously said to be in planning stages?
  • Any plans for GEORGE LOPEZ, STEP BY STEP and HEAD OF THE CLASS and when can we expect CHICO AND THE MAN S1? Can you also tell us how far a part will you release LOIS & CLARK? Will Teri Hatcher be involved for the bonus material in future sets, as Dean Cain is for season one?
  • Some of us have some concern over a missing line said by Mrs. Hepburn in your recent release of Bringing Up Baby (which is otherwise excellent): "I'm a one man woman, where he goes, I go. And if I don't he knocks my block off" The final sentence is missing from the DVD. I have seen many incarnations of this film over the years, and it wasn't until the mid-90's that I saw a print (broadcast by TCM) that excised this line. Since then, it seems that only the truncated version is available to the public (R2 DVD is truncated as well) Was there a problem with the element in this scene, or was the line removed for other reasons? In any case, I know I speak for many here when I say that I favor restoration of this line in a future release.
  • What is the status of the Val Lewton Box? Will all nine be included? I second the motion for Brewster McCloud
  • I'm wondering when we'll see the DVD debuts of lesser-known '60s-'70s masterpieces like Petulia and O Lucky Man! and also a couple other (so far) neglected titles - Neil Jordan's The Butcher Boy and Anthony Mann's The Naked Spur.
  • I was wondering about Special Editions of some 90s/late 80s movies, specifically Mosquito Coast, Presumed Innocent, The Fugitive and L.A. Confidential.
  • I'm a Warners Classics addict! So... The Bowery Boys? The Superman serials of the 1940s? Any chance of a boxed set of the great MGM shorts, such as Robert Benchley, Pete Smith Specialties, or Crime Does Not Pay?
  • I was wondering if you plan on re-releasing the Ace Ventura films in widescreen? The same question applies to Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie. All of these were previously released as pan & scan. Also, are there any plans to revisit the Lethal Weapon films on DVD?
  • I am wondering (and hoping) if the 1974 musical MAME is scheduled,and will it finally be a stereo version?
  • Looking for information on these titles: The Sergeant--never released on any home video format (1968), The Ritz (1976), Cruising (1980).
  • Any word on the Chevy Chase film, UNDER THE RAINBOW?
  • Do you have a date yet for the 1933 version of KING KONG? Also what can you tell us about Looney Toons Vol.3 ?
  • What are the chances of a Special Edition of Strange Brew? Grateful for the previous release, but it screams for a commentary by Dave and Rick in character as Bob & Doug a la "Spinal Tap." Their Rutt and Tuk commentary from Disney's Brother Bear proves that they still possess the comic genius that I grew up loving on SCTV. Also would you please explain your statement concerning rights issues for Batman TV. Fox has
  • That's a good question if I can follow up on it --- Fox owns the TV show of BATMAN and you guys own the rights. Are the both of you going to come to an agreement on the BATMAN TV release?
  • Any chance of releasing some cult favorite TV shows from your library? (examples being Freddy's Nightmares, Just The Ten Of Us and Midnight Caller).
  • Can you give us an update on any chance for a re-release of the Superman films on DVD? Will we ever get the original theatrical edition of Superman: The Movie on DVD? Will the sequels get better treatment? And will we ever see an alternate cut of Superman II?
  • First, on behalf of the FoLCs, I'd like to thank Warner for releasing season one of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman on DVD. (My quick editorial note here: it's sooo nice to hear FoLC's again. I miss that show :)) We'd like to know a few things, are there going to be outtakes, what about the aspect ratios on the Lois and Clark DVDs, and are there plans to release the other three seasons quickly? (Possible dates, please?)
  • Now Warner has announced Lois&Clark and 1950's Superman, have you/would you please consider the superb 1988-1992 Superboy live action series for 2006? Also, I know the animation dept. isn't there, but I'm voicing my support for a release of the 1980's animated Ruby Spears' Superman series based on the movie mythology.
  • Digitalbits.com reported awhile back you all was working on a SE DVD of 2001. Any truth or any other Kubrick title?
  • My question is, is there any chance of a Cool Hand Luke two-discer, or a DVD of The D.I. (1957) or The Mortal Storm? (1940) (if you own the rights)
  • MGM's Green Dolphin Street, Saturday Night Live by seasons (first 3)and since it was asked KING KONG, did Fay Wray do a comentary before she passed?
  • My absolute favorite current TV series is COLD CASE. Can you tell us when a Season 1 set of this remarkable show is planned?
  • Any chance of Funny Farm in 16x9 in the future? And also, are there any plans to release [bTiny Toons: How I Spent My Summer Vacation in the future?
  • Is there any 2 disc ultra-resaloution of The Wizard of Oz and A Star is Born(1954) and what about A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) any date yet?
  • After next weeks west wing season set release, will the subsequent seasons be released in the regular time frame or will they be delayed for syndication? and I would love to have the rest of the New Scooby-Doo movies.
  • I'm curious regarding the DVD status for any of the following: GIRL CRAZY (Garland and Rooney), WHERE'S CHARLEY? (Ray Bolger), BABY DOLL (Carrol Baker), HOME FROM THE HILL and THE SUNDOWNERS (both Robert Mitchum) and SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH (Paul Newman). Thank you for the great job WB has done releasing classics titles.
  • I can't wait for King Kong; I saw that there were newly aquired elements for that - how is the restoration going?
  • will we ever see an OTC catalog-reissue of Amadeus?
  • Any release news on the Billy Wilder titles in your collection? Also, should we expect the L.A. Confidential S.E. in 2005 or 2006?
  • Any plans for a restored cut of Ken Russel's classic THE DEVILS, a release of DARK OF THE SUN with Rod Taylor or NIGHT OF THE IGUANA?
  • Any plans to release Family Matters or Step by Step in season sets? If not, I hope you consider releasing those titles.
  • I was wondering if there are any plans for Electric Dreams (1984) or the 1996 Dr. Who TV movie?
  • I know that you recently included an episode of the tv series Hangin with Mr. Cooper on a bonus disc with a recent release, any chance that this might get its own release in the future?
  • I notice that Season 3 of Wonder Woman will include a bonus disc with the first episode of the live-action Shazam! series. Any chance of seeing Shazam! released as a box set of its own?
  • Any plans to release the short-lived sci-fi series Time Trax?
  • I got a chance to see EASTER PARADE in 35mm in 80yr old movie theater in upstate NY it was a WOW! Howz about NORTHWEST PASSAGE? And we don't need another hero we need QUO VADIS?
  • Can't wait to see transfer for EAST OF EDEN, hopefully it wasn't problematic due to WarnerColor? Also, can you provide any information about a SAM PECKINPAH BOX, and also if the films REFLECTIONS IN A GOLDEN EYE and I DIED A THOUSAND TIMES are possibilities for future releases? PS - Why wasn't CLASSIC COMEDIES _BOX_ released in Canada?
  • Any plans to release Class Act on DVD?
  • Will we see more films with Jean Harlow on DVD?
  • You confirmed earlier that you are indeed working on SE's for the previous Batman films. Can you elaborate on this any, specifically when they might be released?
  • Any chance of a Singles Special Edition? Also, when can we expect an announcement on Million Dollar Baby?
  • I noticed that both Year of the Dragon and Point Blank are issued for release this year, what can we expect from them in terms of extras and is there any chance for the Lionpower featurette to be included in Point Blank?
    [*] Any plans on Julius Caesar (Brando) Ryan's Daughter, Mutinty on the Bounty (Brando) Mayerling (Omar Sharif) Wuthering Heights (Olivier) and Anna Karenia (Garbo).
    [*]Any plans for Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid, Road Rovers, the Quick Draw McGaw Show, the Son of Kong, Mighty Joe Young 1949, John K. and Spumco's Yogi and Jetsons shorts, seasons 2 and 3 of the Jetsons, Flintstones on the Rocks, Ralph Bakshi's Hey, Good Lookin' and/or the unsold pilot of Gizmo and the Gremlins/b] on DVD? I also want to see Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs on DVD.
    [*]Any plans for additional John Huston (Wise Blood, etc.) or revisting his previously released titles (Man Who Would Be King, Maltese Falcon)? Also will Before Sunrise/Before Sunset be revisited?
    [*]Any plans to release BEETLEJUICE, POLTERGEIST or CREEPSHOW SE's in the near future?
    [*]It is my understanding that the 1960's Fantastic Four cartoon from Hanna-Barbera has legal issues with Marvel Comics regarding home video release. IS this correct? If so, is it possible that this situation could be worked out in the near future, especially since there is a FF movie coming out this summer?
    [*]Any plans for releasing the 1949 MIGHTY JOE YOUNG and/or the only Audrey Hepburn WB film not on DVD, THE NUN'S STORY?
    [*]Can we expect more Bogart this year i.e. The Two Mrs. Carrolls, Conflict, Passage to Marseille, Across the Pacific, Action in the North Atlantic, Battle Circus, Chain Lightning, The Big Shot, All Through the Night
    [*]I want to ask about what to expect on the future DVD (or indeed HD) release of The Polar Express, and hopefully an expected holiday release timeframe. A decent amount of film-making extras, and not just kid's fluff is what is hoped for. Likewise a rerelease of the Harry Potter films, in comprehensive Muggle editions.
    [*]You guys did a fantastic job with your waves of horror releases last fall, what plans do you have for this year’s slate? I’d love to see The Hand, Deadly Friend and Eyes of a Stranger.
    [*]Can you give us a hint for what title is next (besides OZ) for ultra resolution? Also any plans for Esther Williams? And any plans for more hammer horror titles this year?
    [*]What is the release schedule for classic animation in Warner possession, specifically: 1) will future Looney Tunes GCs be released more than one a year? 2) will the remaining Tom & Jerry shorts be released and unedited? and 3) what about a Fleischer Popeye release?


Supporting Actor
Jul 27, 2004
I must say this chat room business is impossible. I could not get on via AOL, via Safari, and I'm on via IE but cannot see the full answers on my screen (they are cut off on the right) and do not have any place where I can post YO to answer a question. Really, does it need to be this complex? All I see on my screen are people trying to get into the chat and "quitting" (not being able to). Any help?


Supporting Actor
Jul 27, 2004
Use a proper irc client? How would one do that? What is shadowfire? When I clicked on the shadowfire link nothing came up at all.

I've given up. I've taken part in many live chats and none have been this difficult. The number of people who were logging on and "quitting" in the same second would tell me that I'm not the only one having a problem. Parachat - a wonderful thing.


Senior HTF Member
Sep 2, 2003
Nobody from Animation marketing unuit?!?

My night has just been reeeally let down.

I have to say I'm p.o.'d about no further elaboration on the Tom & Jerry issue. We're being strung along...

Also dissapointed that WB chose to ignore Dave's questions regarding Tiny Toons / Animaniacs & Pinky and The Brain (I guess thats b/c the animation unit isnt here)...




Senior HTF Member
May 9, 2001
North Texas
Real Name
Your best bet would be to download mIRC:


I already had mine set up, so I don't remember how difficult it is to get started. Once you do, you'll find it a steadier connection, with a much faster response time. I was able to get a YO in fairly easily with mIRC.

Robert Crawford

Senior HTF Member
Dec 9, 1998
Real Name
Here are some tidbits from the chat:
  • More John Garfield films are on their way, but not this year. Gable and Tracy boxsets on tab for 2006.
  • An uncut "Storm Warning" with Ronald Reagan on tabs for 2006. The 1976 version of "A Star is Born" coming later this year.
  • Warner still looking for elements for "The Magnificent Ambersons" and "Journey into Fear".
  • Some unannounced Allied Artists films are on the way.
  • The Thin Man boxset will have all six films plus a bonus disc.
  • RKO Tarzan films are on the radar without any dates.
  • A Pre-code boxset coming in 2006.
  • Another Warner Gangster boxset set for 2006. Also, some more theme boxsets.
  • The Ben Hur boxset will have a new transfer from newly restored 65mm elements. Also, the 1925 version of Ben Hur will be in the boxset along with new content.
  • "Kitty Foyle" is coming out in 2006. The 1931 and 1940 versions of "Waterloo Bridge" are in their release plans.
  • "The Outsiders" Extended Version is coming out this year. They are talking about releasing an anamorphic presentation of "Arthur".

    In the next 12 months, 2 disc releases for the following:
    • Dog Day Afternoon
    • Network
    • All the President's Men
    • "Night Moves" and "Scarecrow" are on the release schedule.
    • They have special plans for "Performance".
    • Batman films on the way.
    • A "The Green Mile" SE in the works.
    • Yakuza scheduled for next year.
    • More Lon Chaney under consideration, but no firm date.
    • "Flamingo Road" with Joan Crawford in the works.
    • "Quick Change" coming out later this year.
    • Astaire/Rogers musicals coming out in two stages. Five films involved with each release, one in 2005 and another in 2006. They will be sold separately and in a boxset.
    • Regarding that missing ling of dialogue in "Bringing Up Baby" from Katharine Hepburn. Warner stated it was due to damage to the original negative and not censorship.
    • All nine Val Lewton films will be out later this year with special features and commentary.
    • The Naked Spur on tap for 2006 and also, "Petulia".
    • LA Confidential SE in the works.
    • Releasing all 48 Bowery Boys films in 2006. More than one boxset.
    • The film "Cruising" under consideration.
    • They have a date for "King Kong" but won't tell us.
    • Looney Tunes Volume 3 before Christmas.
    • Warner stated that the Batman television issue doesn't involved them, but Fox and DC Comics. In short, they're out of it.
    • Warner is looking at re-releasing the Superman films, but issues remain to be resolved.
    • SE of "2001" in 2006 along with other Kubrick SE.
    • No plans for Mortal Storm, The D.I. or SE of Cool Hand Luke.
    • A SE release of "The Wizard of OZ" this year.
    • Next year, a 2 disc SE of "Street Car Named Desire".
    • Baby Doll and Sweet Bird of Youth coming in 2006.
    • Home from the Hill and The Sundowners in the future.
    • No Billy Wilder films scheduled except "Spirit of St. Louis" in 2006. Off the top of my head, I can't think of any other Wilder titles that Warner owns that haven't been released yet.
    • A SE of "The Devils" in the works.
    • Night of the Iguana sceduled for next year.
    • No plans for Electric Dreams
    • Quo Vadis needs requires restoration work.
    • Northwest Passage under consideration for a future release.
    • The Peckinpah boxset now scheduled for 2006.
    • WHV doesn't know anything about why the Comedy Classic boxset is not available in Canada.
    • Jean Harlow boxset in 2006
    • Million Dollar Baby dvd announcement coming soon.
    • Point Blank will have two featurettes, but unfortunately, the LionPower featurette won't be one due to music clearance issues. Also, there is two commentaries from Boorman and Soderbergh.
    • Julius Caesar and Mutiny on the Bounty with Brando and Ryan's Daughter on schedule for 2005/2006.
    • Anna Karenina part of the Garbo's 100 year birthday boxset this Fall.
    • Son of Kong and Mighty Joe Young coming, but no date.
    • 2 disc Maltese Falcon SE in 2006
    • 25th Anniversary Poltergeist SE planned.
    • Warner just confirmed that Mighty Joe Young and The Nun's Story will be out before Christmas.
    • No more Bogart films this year. Four major Bogart films are being restored from the original camera negative for release in 2006.
    • Esther Williams Signature boxset coming in the future.
    • More Hammer films on the way.
    • Looney Tunes will be one release per year due to labor intensive issues.
    • Popeye cartoon issues are still being worked out.
    • No further update on the Tom and Jerry edited cartoon issues.

    That's it folks!


Mar 23, 2004
been trying for two hours, this chat is a waste of time you can't even connect, and when you do you get bumped off.

Gordon McMurphy

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2002
Will a full transcript be available straight after the chat ends?

I also can't access the chat page. It's no big deal: someone has asked about The Passenger and Warner are doing a great job anyway.

Paul Miller

Supporting Actor
Mar 9, 2004
How could Warner Brothers not have anyone from the animation department for the chat? It is one of their biggest public faces of their company and they know animation has a huge base on line and they knew people were going to ask about it.

I am really disappointed with the chat.



Feb 13, 2003
Would it be inappropriate to ask about Animaniacs/Tiny Toons/Pinky & the Brain again since it was part of a larger question?

Gordon McMurphy

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2002
Thanks, Crawdaddy.

__________________________________________________ _______

Why would they need someone from their animation dept? They have George Feltenstein, he handles those too doesn't he? Are animation shorts handled seperately? Has anyone on the chat actually asked about Tom & Jerry? The problem needs to be addressed pronto.

Robert Crawford

Senior HTF Member
Dec 9, 1998
Real Name

Look at post #7 for some of the answers. The full transcript will be out tomorrow at the earliest on DigitalBits site.


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