Cheaper By The Dozen - Belles On Their Toes

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Joe Caps, Apr 20, 2004.

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    I just got the original Cheaper by the Dozen (1950) and its sequel belles on their toes. Transfers are better than what used to run on Cinemax. they had old smeary transfers where everything looked all yellow. these new dvds don't look like that but they certainly don't look like the original technicolor.
    The big bummer is the second film, Belles. The sound has been processed into the ground and is practically unlistenable. to hear some of the scenes from this in good sound, one only has to go to the trailer for the film that is included on the disc where everything sounds fine.
    Both discs include the trailer from Cheaper by the Dozen, buts its only a black and white trailer, not the original color one.
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    I agree about CBTD. I picked it up at Costco, and the transfer is terrible. This just screams "remake tie-in." Fox can do better, and if they can't they should say so.

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