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Jul 25, 2010
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Well, I didn't actually burn my house down, but it did catch fire and was a total loss on the inside. The insurance company came through more than fair and I did my own General contracting, which, allowed me to save a lot of money and do a hell of a lot of upgrades. Please keep in mind that my previous theater setup was only an Onkyo HTIB I got for about $600 at Fry's and a Mitsubishi 65" DLP tv. My new setup that is set in stone is: 100% light controlled room that is 16' wide x 24" long with 8' ceiling, about 3,100 cubic foot of space. 12x6 platform at the rear of room for the back row of seating Epson 6010 3D Projector Visual Apex 120" Tab-Tensioned motorized screen This is about as far as I have gotten for sure and am up in the air as far as audio goes. My options I have considered are as follows: 1. I can buy Denon and Boston Acoustic at wholesale and considered: Denon AVR-3212CI - $719.00 Front Speakers - RS 326 - $1,150 for a pair Center - RS 244C - $287.47 Surrounds - RS 260 - $464 for a pair Rear Satellites - RS 230 - $300 for a pair Sub: FV15 Direct Servo subwoofer from Rythmik - http://www.rythmikaudio.com/FV15.html - $1049.00 Total: $3,969.00 2. Denon AVR-3212CI - $719.00 Front Speakers: 2 Verus Forte Tower Speaker - $1090.00/pair Center Channel: 1 Verus Forte Center Channel Speaker - $350.00 Surrounds: 2 Verus Surround Dipole/Bipole Speaker - $600.00/pair Rear Surrounds: 2 Verus Forte Satellite Speaker - $350.00/pair Sub: FV15 Direct Servo subwoofer from Rythmik - http://www.rythmikaudio.com/FV15.html - $1049.00 Total: $4,158.00 Does anyone have any experience with either and while the Bostons retail for a good bit more, I can get them wholesale, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are better does it? I am also open to suggestions on the Audio Receiver with something in the same class as the avr3312, however, I think I will be hard pressed to find a better receiver for $719 Thanks for any and all suggestions in advance!


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Aug 22, 2000
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Cory, this section is more room oriented or for showing off your build log. The only thing that caught my attention was your thread title. I suggest breaking this up into different questions and posting in the appropriate sections. I do agree 100% on your sub choice. Rythmik makes some fine subs.

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