Bought the Mitsubishi 55819!!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Bruce White, Jun 27, 2002.

  1. Bruce White

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    Dec 5, 2001
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    Earlier this week I went to Audio King (Ultimate Electronics in some other areas) and bought the Mits 55819. They had listed the set at $2699 but were running a 10% off sale, making the price $2429. I asked them to throw in a Monster HT kit for free ($299 value), but they wouldn't do it. Instead we worked out a deal where I purchased the HTS 1100 for $60 instead of $199. They way the salesman listed it on the invoice, though, is that he knocked another $100 off the TV and threw in free shipping. I also bought 6' of Monster III component video cable to hook up my Panasonic RP91 DVD player.
    I hope to get a decoder box sometime in the next year. Can't wait for it to arrive on Saturday. I plan to get the pre-made red push attenuator soon. I've got the Avia disk already. I'll look for a RS sound meter on Ebay to optimize my Paradigm speakers. My receiver is an Integra 5.2.
    It's gonna be fun! [​IMG]
    PS Thanks to great sites like this one and The Home Theater Spot for helping me decide on what TV to buy.
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    Congrats on the purchase. The progressive image from the RP-91 to the Mits will be stunning--it'll make you want to watch your DVD collection all over again.

    If you haven't noticed, there is a link in the A/V sources Forum for the newest Firmware update for the RP-91.



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