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Blown up Energy sub replaced with punch 10? (1 Viewer)


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Aug 23, 2003
I have an Energy es10 sub for my house. I have had it for ??????????6 years or so, and I never really was that impressed with it from the day I brought it home. Anyway, it finally blew up(speaker) so I decided to go into the garage and get one of my car stereo woofers I have sitting in the garage from my days when I had lots of toys. I simply removed the speaker from the sub box and replaced it with a punch 10 inch sub I used to use in my car many moons ago.

After I removed the energy, I couldnt believe how cheap that thing looked. Tiny magnet, thin metal construction, just looked like a 10 dollar speaker.

To my surprise, the punch speaker sounds 100% better. The synergy would pop or rattle anytime I really cranked up some good hard rock and i basically just turned it way down when listening to music. I can crank it up now with the punch.

What is up with that?? You would think it would be worse, not better.

Nathan W.

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Apr 11, 2004
Yeah, the budget lines from many mfgrs have cheap drivers in them, cheaper than they should be. DCM has been using pretty cheap looking drivers for a long time, and they would use the same drivers in their whole lineup, even their higher end stuff that they no longer make. But they still sounded pretty good. Same practice goes for BIC, relatively cheap components but good sound. As you've found out, some mfgrs cheap out too much sometimes.

My first powered sub (DCM Sub-712) cost me $600 about '94 or so. It was cheaply constructed with a low cost 8" driver and 12" passive radiator and a 80 watt amp. It was kinda hard to believe that it sounded good, but it did.

The worst cheap-out I've seen was a Merak sub that I got off of Ubid. The 15" driver it had was just an OEM driver with untreated paper cone, cheap foam surround (some foam is decent), and the tiniest magnet, like something you'd see on a 4" midrange. The sub felt like a bookshelf speaker in weight. It was complete garbage.

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