Audio/video out of sync, but opposite of usual issue

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    Hi folks, we have a setup with an LG 60PA6500 and a Pioneer receiver/surround sound set the HTP-071 and there is an issue with the picture and sound being out of sync. It's noticeable no matter what is being used...satellite, blu-ray, DVD, etc.

    Most of the time you hear about this problem and a slight audio delay is needed, and if that were the case the receiver has an option to change that. However the issue I'm having is for things to match up nicely, the picture needs to be delayed. It's slight in some instances and jarring in others.

    I'm using a Playstation 3 to watch movies on blu-ray and quite honestly that's the one that bugs me the most. I can deal with TV being a bit out of sync but not my movies!

    Question is, is there a way to figure this out and fix it? I've spoken to people I know and they say that happens with a cheap receiver kit like this one. Or that without having speakers plugged directly into the TV, and having to go through a receiver instead can cause the issue because there's so much the signal has to travel through. I have the satellite box, and the PS3 plugged into the back of the receiver via HDMI and one HDMI cable coming from the receiver to the TV.

    Is it a bum receiver? Just cheap? Is the PS3 not powerful enough to push the audio/video out properly? Am I SOL because of not having optical audio ports on the TV?

    While I'm here I should also mention that when playing something, especially through the PS3, the sound doesn't kick in for a second or so after the video starts playing. For instance if anyone is familiar with the Universal blu-ray opening screen where the Universal logo comes up and there's a woosh sound, I get sound half way through the woosh sound. Other than that it's fine but still...I don't think it should be happening.

    Thanks for reading.
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    That sounds like an AVR problem The VSX321, as far as I know, was never available separate.

    I'd contact Pioneer and ask them. Cause if HDMI port nor source makes a is the AVR.

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