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ATI All-In-Wonder Question (1 Viewer)

Mathew Shelby

Second Unit
Dec 5, 2002
Are the ATI AIW's the way to go for a newbie to HTPC? Perhaps I am getting a little confused but the ATI AIW 8500DV is around $185. The same site lists the Radeon 9500 Pro 128MB for $189. What are the benefits of each. I "might" (probably will) be using it as a PVR but am I correct in assuming that you will only be able to record channels 1-100 (i.e. now HBO, Showtime, etc)? Would this video card work with something like the Revolution 7.1? Can you recommend a better sound card? I have a 7.1 HK AVR525 that the sound will be going to. Do I need a 7.1 sound card or just one with optical outs? Help!!!!


Stunt Coordinator
Dec 14, 2001
The All-In-Wonders have a TV tuner and PVR capabilities, consequently they are more expensive than the comparable non-AIW.
As far as using the Revolution with any All-In-Wonder, there is a known problem where the video and audio are seriously out of sync. M-Audio acknowledges that there is a problem but have not gotten around to issuing new drivers to solve the problem. I have the Revolution and an AIW and can tell you that it is a problem. I finally uninstalled the Revolution and went back to my Philips card.
Another sound card similiar to the Revolution would be the new TerraTec Aureon 7.1 Space. I e-mailed a dealer yesterday asking if it is AIW "friendly" but haven't heard back yet.


The lack of bass/treble management that the review mentions is a non-issue if you are feeding the signal through your receiver since it will be doing the management.

ATi has just announced the the availibility in the U.S. of the All-In-Wonder 9000 Pro. I haven't found anyone who is actually stocking it yet though.


Good luck!


Brian Ruth

Supporting Actor
Jun 21, 2002

I'd say the All In Wonders are GREAT for HTPC users. While the recording software is a tad buggy, it gets the job done more often than not.

If I recall correctly, the All In Wonders feature a Dolby Digital out connector (RCA-style) on their breakout dongles. I'm not sure how well this works, though.

If you DO end up getting a sound card to go with it, be sure you get one with a digital out mechanism (either RCA or Optical) so you can transfer your sound to the receiver without a hitch. I'd almost say get a Creative soundcard, but mine has had so many problems I hesistate to recommend it. Supposedly many of the problems have been fixed on the Audigy 2 model, but I'm not so sure. Regardless, they are the largest sound card company out there, so there's somewhat of a lower likelihood you'll run into problems (though Creative is NOTORIOUSLY bad at issuing drivers).

Carl mentioned the All In Wonder 9000, which is actually replacing the 8500DV. I'm not sure how the performance compares, but if you'd like to save a few bucks, you might want to wait until the 9000s go on sale and the 8500s (ostensibly) go on clearance. Up to you, though. :)

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