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Another Rack Thread (1 Viewer)


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Dec 11, 2001
This is a little different than the other rack thread, so I thought I'd start a new post.

First a little background. I already have a flexy rack, and am looking for something a little more "hi-tech" looking. It needs to have 6 shelves, or if it is of the stackable variety needs to be able to be made 6 shelves high. I will need a total or 8 shelves. The two which are not part of the big stack will be used as amp stands.

OK given that, here is what I have narrowed my choices down to. One of these plus some sort of separate amp stand:

Studio Tech PS 6

or two of these, one stack with six shelves, and one two shelves high for the amps:

VTI 404

I am open to other suggestions, but the total cost must be under $500 to my door. The rack(s) must have 4 posts and no cable management partition, or one that can be removed. It's been my experience that the 3 legged variety & most cable management systems just get in the way. Oh, and I'm not particularly fond of glass shelves.

I am leaning towards the pair of VTI racks because that will give me the most flexibility and all pieces will be matched where as if I go with the Studio Tech rack, the amp stand will not match exactly. However, with a little one on the way, I am concerned about the stability of the VTI rack. Can anyone with a stackable variety of rack comment on just how much flex the rack has?

Thanks for any comments or suggestions.


Shane Martin

Senior HTF Member
Sep 26, 1999
I own the Studiotech and you won't worry about stability with it. I can understand the decore aspects though. That rack is super stable and I'm doubting at this point even an earthquake will move it. You can spike it in the floor if you have carpet or it has rubber feet if you prefer as well.

Racksandstands was TOP notch for their service. No complaints here at all.

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