Another "New room, need suggestions" thread on wall speakers. ;)

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by dgrams2000, May 2, 2013.

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    Well, we are working on the basement framing as we speak.
    The room is about 15' x 50' or so.. (the 50' is a guess) its half of our entire basement that will be entirely open.

    One end will be the movie area.
    About 15' wide, and the chairs (where our heads will be) will be approx 13.5-14' back from the screen.
    (92 inch wall mounted screen for projector)

    Wiring will be coming up soon and I had some old accoustimas bose system that I was planning on using, but the wife is putting a bug in my ear to maybe consider ditchin the bose and putting in some front wall speakers, sub and ceiling speakers in a 8' drop ceiling for the rears. (I dont have walls behind furniture to put rear wall speakers)

    Depending on what the cost would be for a new speaker set... maybe. But I have a feeling that this could be a bigger cost than what we have $$ for right now.

    If I said that I would want to stay under $600 or $700, is it possible to get a good set of 5.1 speakers for that amount?
    (2 front, 1 center, sub, 2 rear ceiling)

    Not even sure what speakers are good when it comes to wall/ceiling speakers.

    Can anyone suggest what brands to start checking out? And what price range is going to give me some good sound?
    I dont need top of the line, but I dont want it to sound like my cheap home theatre speakers we have in on the small living room tv.
    Middle of the road here.

    What do you suggest?
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    Is your screen AT?

    Not that that matters in overall speaker choice, but lets you place all three speakers in the same plane.

    But in-wall...

    Def Tech
    Dayton/Parts Express

    Hundred of others.
  3. BryanZ

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    It is more likely you will be piecing it together slowly.

    Check out some of Axiom Audio's deals, b-stock, or other auctions. They have a VP150 in-wall/on-wall center being offered for $113 but I think it will likely end up in the $300 range.

    I have their M22 on-walls with the regular VP160 center and enjoy them. Surrounds are Polk Audio RC80i.

    Consider using the Bose for now for the surrounds and rears until you can get what you want.

    Your biggest issue will be the sub as you have a very large room. You are likely looking at dual 15" or 18" subs. Ballpark figure on that will be anywhere from $1,500 on up. Be prepared for sticker shock.

    Continue to scour around this board, avsforum, chasehometheater, etc. You may run accross a great deal for the gear you want and need.

    Best of luck!

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