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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Ronald Epstein, Jul 31, 2003.

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    Hello!**I am in desperate need of some sound advice (pun intended) about
    my home theater set-up.
    First all, I have to mount my widescreen TV and a future projector
    screen in one corner, with a V-shaped sofa in the opposite corner.

    The set-up (viewing/listening area), therefore, resembles a 6.4 meter
    diagonal, cutting across the room.*

    I realize this setting presents serious acoustic problems, especially
    for mounting a true surround sound system.**But this is what I have to
    work with.**Any advice on how to optimize my unique situation is what I
    am asking.

    What type of surround speakers will serve me best?**Should I buy two
    ceiling speakers and hang them over the sofa?

    Or should I buy in-wall speakers?**I already have 2 rear speakers (B&W
    600 S3) but they stand on pedestals and probably won't serve, or can
    they?**Also will my receiver allow for two rear speakers and an
    Additional rear speaker, which I could place directly behind the V sofa**
    And would this make sense?**If I need new rear speakers, should I buy
    B&W to match the "timber/sound" of my other B&W speakers?

    I want to mount a projector and screen.**Realistically, what is the
    maximize size screen I can place in the room?**My idea is to have the
    projector screen (16x9) pull down directly in front of the TV.**This way
    I can make use of my speakers for both TV and projector (movies).**What
    is a GREAT projector (high definition ready, 16x9 ratio) that could fit
    this room?**I am thinking of SonyV12HT and Sim2-200&300 models.

    Lastly, I have decided to put in special acoustic ceiling tiles.**Should
    this help significantly with the sound?

    Thanks for any advice.

    My equipment:
    B&W 602 S3 - fronts
    B&W - center speaker
    B&W 600 S3 - rears
    Velodyne subwoofer - midsize
    Philips 34 inch D-Wide HDTV
    Sony DVP-NS900V**SACD-dvd player
    Yamaha HTR 5280 - receiver
    Projector - NOT purchased yet
    16 x 9 Screen - NOT purchased yet[​IMG]
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    Hi Peter, You have many questions that need answers I will help with some, but you may also get special "display device", or screen insight from those areas of the forum. BTW, welcome to HTF.
    It is always a good move to stay with the same speakers all the way around for your timbre matching. You could mount the rear B&W's in the ceiling if you really want to stealth them. You could also either in-wall them, or mount them on some secure stands so the tweeter level will be three feet above your ears. I have mounted false walls to overcome corners before. Meaning, you could make a wall, covering the corner and install your screen there if you choose to go fixed screen mounting. If your receiver is Dolby Digital, or DTS ready, it should have output power to your surrounds. Figure cubic feet (CF) by multiplying LxWxH. It will give you more data for acoustic control and throw range for your projector (PJ). You may be able to get a 100" screen in there. Yes, the acoustic ceiling tiles are worth their weight in gold. Go with them for sure. They make black tiles as well. As far as brands, you have a great set-up. As far as PJ's, compare reviews and seek wisdom from the knowledgeable folks in the display device area of the forum. Get something bright, with good black levels, and good brightness uniformity. Look into warranties and the business reputation of the company. Possibly contact the BBB. Many things will seem subjective, but some things are agreed upon by all manufactures.
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    What is your budget? How is the light control in your room? Where will the pj be mounted? All these things are important when choosing a projector. I personally like the Yamaha DXP-1000, but it is more expensive than the Sony. But it is also a DLP where as the Sony is LCD.
    The rear center channels sounds like a good idea considering your difficulty in finding optimum placements for your surrounds, but make sure your receiver is 6.1 capable.

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    Since you're placing everything in a "kiddie corner" configuration, you'll have to assess center channel placement. Since your 16:9 tv is a tabletop, you might be able to put the B&W in the cabinet space underneath the TV. This will allow you to save on buying one of those very pricey perforated screens. Otherwise when you watch on the projector, set the surround mode to "phantom" and the left and right do center channel duty. A hassle but it depends how much you're willing to pay for a screen. If you can mount it above the tv and the bottom of projector screen is above the center channel would be the best compromise. Another factor is how high is your ceiling. If all you want/afford/can work with is a drop down will you want it motorized or hand-pulled. One last consideration is that the proj. screen will be about 2/3 (2-2.5ft) meter or so closer to you since it will probably drop in front of the tv.

    As to surrounds since the sofa is butted against the wall I would suggest inwalls mounted in the ceiling. I would recommend the placements in the center, so that if you're looking at the inwalls and the sofa, it looks like a "happy face". Direct stereo inwalls are fine but also good are bipolars. As to acoustics, if the room is carpeted you'll already halfway there in controlling reflections. If its hardwood or tile, consider an area rug under the sofa. As to the walls, you could hang tapestry or even put book cases around to absorb some of the reflections. When you have a surround sound, the front speakers and the area around them need to be addressed the most in containing reflections. As to the rears, I prefer them to be more "live" to better enhance the surround sound effect, meaning less absorption material. And when it comes to wall color, try to paint it other than white. White tends to suck away the projector's light output meaning less of an image on the screen not to mention the room looks rather plain. Have fun.

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