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Feb 26, 2016
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Richard Hummel
Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum and been reading through posts for the past couple of hours. There is some really great information on these threads and I feel like I'm in no way going to scratch the surface to get through all of them. I've seen a lot of requests for various projects on equipment, materials, etc... That said, it's difficult to piece in all of the information to make it fit for my particular case so wanted to start a new thread to get some guidance and direction. First, I'll give the details of the room and some ideas that I am kicking around. I haven't started looking at specific equipment, but I have an idea of what I want in general. That said, I'm trying to make the most on a small budget. I will be doing almost all of the work myself save for the actual framing since I just don't have time and it's been at least a decade since I last did any of that. Alright, without further posturing...

Room: 18' Length X 12' Width X 8' Height
Walls: Three concrete walls currently (having them all framed); fourth wall is studded to next room and planning to go with resilient channels on the whole wall for isolation. Based on what I'm reading, it will likely be blown insulation in the walls or QuiteRock to compensate for the concrete.
Ceiling: Currently just ceiling joists. I've kicked around the idea of drop ceiling, but the more I read, the more likely I'll go with drywall. I'll either do two layers and stagger the seams while putting a couple layers of insulation behind or use QuiteRock for the ceiling. Of note, there will be about a 1 foot bulkhead likely around the entire perimeter of the room making somewhat of a tray ceiling (This is due to an HVAC duct along one side of the room).
Platform: On one end of the room will be a raised platform for seating (probably about 6").
Floor: All of the flooring will be plush carpeting, but need some advice on padding to use or if I need it?
Lighting: I was considering turning the bulkhead into a tray ceiling and installing LEDs around the perimeter with color control. Alternatively, I could install sconces on the walls instead? Two on each wall, perhaps three on each side wall? I don't really know what is best for this size room though. Any recommendations here would be awesome!
Wall Coverings:
I was initially just going to paint them since I'm planning to use QuietRock and/or add blown insulation, but after reading some forms here, I'm not sure. Should I add acoustic panels? User carpeting?
Paint Colors: I was planning to do the black drop ceiling panels, but since I may go with drywall instead, should I still go with a black paint? I'm also considering starlight panels. I can get mounted panels for a decent price. As for wall colors, I know neutral is the best way to go there so will work with whatever ties in the carpet
Seating: Seating is about the only thing I'm 100% set on 4 x Supersacs (Lovesac)
Audio: I originally wanted 7.1, but based on some of the conversations here and the spacing/distance to speaker, I'm not sure that will work anymore. Can anyone confirm/deny that 7.1 is doable? Also, any recommendations for non-crappy, somewhat cheaper components is appreciated.
Video: Definitely going with a projector and screen. Any recommendations? Also, how do I determine proper distance from screen and viewer distance? Should I build the screen into the wall, get a mounted screen, or a pull down?
Media Storage: I have yet to decide if I want to pipe everything to my utility closet, which is just over the wall, or have a media cabinet in the room itself. Aesthetically it would be better in the utility room, but ease of use in the theater. Recommendations on this from people who've had it both ways? Perhaps use Harmony hub to control remotely with a DVD/Bluray changer for movies?

So basically, I have a completely raw room, specifically set aside during the home build for a theater room, but I wanted to customize to the nines so had the builder only route power and lighting to it.

Ideally I'd like to stay under 5k for the build itself. I know audio/video/seating will come later, but I can at least get it to that point.

Thoughts? If this is the wrong place for this threat feel free to move where it needs to go.

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