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    I have two different subs...one is a really nice JBL 12 inch, and one is a KLH 12 inch...The reason I bought the KLH was because I ripped the woofers in my fronts, and replaced them with el-cheapo RCA replacement woofers...so I bought another Subwoofer to take the bass from the fronts until I can afford a good pair of front speakers...I originally set my fronts to "small" and connected both subs to the LFE output...My KLH apparently can't handle the DEEP bass in Jurassic Park, Phantom Menace...ect...so I set my speakers to "LARGE" and hooked up the KLH to the fronts...and my JBL is taking LFE ONLY signal. It sounds great, but I'm worried about cancelation...what would be the best place to put my KLH? I live with roomates, so half of the huge room is for hometheater, the other half has another TV for video games, so I only have a front wall and a side wall to work with(the other sidewall opens up into a den). Any suggestion?
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    Experimentation is the key, but I would guess placing them as close as possible to one another would minimize cancellation issues. It might take some time to get them calibrated evenly...and be sure they are both *in phase*(keep adjusting the phase controls until you find the point where they produce the max output at your key seat(s).


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