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Joe Mollura

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Mar 2, 2002
MHO on the Rotel RSP 1066:
System: Rotel 1095/1066(DX Model), B&W604S2,LCR6S2,Paradigm PDR 12, Marantz 4000OSE, Sony DVP NC650V, JVC36D800, Panamax 5100, Tara Lab speaker wire/Tara & Monster interconnects.
I replaced my Yamaha 795 with the 1066 and WOW what a differece. 2 channel music (CD and SACD) sound really good, music is much more defined in all aspects (whether it be highs, lows or spatial imaging) I am very happy with 2 channel performance. I have my CD player connected digitally.
I only had a chance to watch about 40 minutes of Vertical Limit (the movie is way far fetched but the sound is great) in DD and all of From Hell in DTS. No compalints at all,(so far I haven't had any sound dropouts) I am estatic with the performance of the 1066. It does a much better job redirecting bass then my 795 (I have the crossover set at 60 and it seems to be working smoothly) it almost sounds like I have a new subwoofer. When watching Vertical Limit I noticed much more detail in my rear channels then when I was using the Yam. as a preamp.
I love being able to save different sub settings rather then turning down the volume manually on my sub every time I watch a movie or listen to music. I have played around with DPL2 while watching sporting events, DTS NEO, and 5 channel stereo with music they all seem to work pretty well, but I need to experiment some more. The remote is effective but I'm still hopeful on getting a Pronto for my B-DAY ;) I do not hear any hiss from my listening position, I need to be 6 inches or closer to hear any.
I do have a few complaints... 1. It would be nice to be able to configure certain things without having to use the On-Screen-Display, 2. crossover settings for the Multi input, 3. to be able to shut off the input source selected for recording from the display. But overall I love this unit!!!! This review is obviously just MHO I am by no means an expert(as you can tell)just someone who loves great sound at a fair price:)

Michael Hurst

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May 10, 2002
Joe good review. I had a similar feeling when I replaced my old Yamaha C4 pre-amp with the 1066. Did you get silver or black?


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Oct 30, 2001
I upgraded to the 1066 from the 795 as well. You're right on in your review. 2 channel music is addictive now. The usual 30 min or so is becoming hours! I was just as impressed with Home Theater. I got the silver model, it looks freakishly cool!

Steven Hen

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Feb 26, 2002
I am also enjoying my new 1066. I agree with your point 3 about being not being able to turn off the recording part of the display, makes the display confusing (especially for the wife). The best solution so far is from Andrew..

I tried a work around for the rec out last night and the only thing I came up with is to select an input I'm not using (Video 3 in my case) and rename it to 1. Unfortunalty there isn't an "_" and it forces you to use one of the characters so you can't just leave it all blank...you can leave the first three blank though and only have a digit in the last space so I used a "1". It would be nice if you could turn it off completely but this is better then nothing.

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