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Dec 29, 2002
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Asking $399.00 OBO.

I WILL SHIP at your expense. Get me your zip and I'll get a quote for you. I bought this new. We are non-smokers and I find absolutely no flaws with this unit. I rate it a 10/10 cosmetically and as a performer. It comes in all of the original packaging with the original manual, remote, and power cord. In fact, we hardly ever used the remote as I have used an all-in-one Home Theater Master's MX500 for the past 19 years. The only knock on the unit is its age. I purchased this in 02 if I remember correctly. Below is a copy and paste from the Rotel website:

The RSP-1066 Surround Sound Processor/Preamplifier combines – as do all 10 Series components – flexibility, superior performance, and easy operation.

The RSP-1066’s extraordinary flexibility begins with inputs and outputs to easily accommodate the most demanding system configurations. You can connect up to eight sources, five of them video-based, plus a CD player, external tuner, and an analog tape recorder. In addition, there are five assignable digital audio inputs, 3 coaxial and 2 optical. And a seven channel “Multi” input keeps the RSP-1066 ahead of the “future-format” curve.

To increase your viewing pleasure, the RSP-1066 includes inputs and switching for composite, S-video, and component video sources. Custom ID capability lets users program the front panel display so that all A/V input selections display the name of the selected component. Advanced microprocessors from Crystal Semiconductor handle Dolby Digital (complete with dynamic range adjustments), dts, and Dolby Pro Logic II decoding. The RSP-1066 also automatically detects and decodes dts ES, dts ES Discrete, HDCD, and MP3-encoded audio. There’s also dts Neo:6 mode for cinema sound and music. Six other DSP modes (Music 1-5 CH Stereo, and 7 CH Stereo) complement traditional two-channel stereo operation to make the RSP-1066 more than suitable for any source.

An adjustable subwoofer crossover (40 to 120Hz in 20Hz increments and Off) lets you tune the RSP-1066 to perfectly match your speakers. And “on the fly” center, surround and subwoofer level adjustments mean you can adjust the RSP-1066’s response to perfectly match your preferences, too.

The RSP-1066 boasts two additional preamplifier outputs to feed, through appropriate amplification, an additional pair of speakers. This gives home theater enthusiasts, particularly those with larger rooms, the spatial benefits of the newest surround formats. To fully protect your investment, this advanced processor benefits from upgradeable software, too. To keep potential confusion at bay, you can link a processing mode to a particular input so that, for example, selecting “CD” automatically invokes two channel operation while “DVD” calls up Dolby Digital as the default setting.

The RSP-1066 easily integrates into the most advanced custom-designed systems. There’s an RS232 computer interface, 12 volt “trigger” outputs, and discrete on/off remote control command codes. Multi-source/multi-zone operation even allows volume adjustment of the remote zone from the RSP-1066’s front panel. A fully programmable universal remote control makes operation of the RSP-1066 and up to nine other components fingertip-easy.

We’ve left for last what some regard as Rotel’s most salient point – sound quality. If any one thing distinguishes the RSP-1066 from its erstwhile competition, it is the exacting care in parts selection, circuit design with particular attention to the power supply, and extensive listening tests. The result is clear audible superiority.

Typically flexible. Typically convenient. Typically Rotel.


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