ROTEL RSP 985 vs RSP 1066

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Tom-KK, Sep 11, 2003.

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    Posted this in the club rotel forum also:

    I have a RMB 1075, and for the moment i use Yamaha RXV1300RDS as processor.I have been thinking of buying 985 or 1066 processor, and for the moment my brain says 985.I can't audition them here in my town.I have read a lot about 1066, but there isn't so much info/reviews on the 985.But on the little info i have read about 985, it seems that some people thinks that the 985 is a little bit better than the 1066.
    Have you any comments on that statment? I don't need 6.1,7.1,ex,es.
    Will i notice a better sound with the 985 then the rxv1300 that can justify the money difference between these two units?
    I can get a 985 for about $1100 and a 1066 for $1400.
    I want the best sound, and as i wrote before, i don't need 6.1,7.1,prl2 etc.

    Hope you can help me a little bit!
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