1. JaykohZ51

    Oppo 203 issues :(

    I have the UDP-203. Bought in 2018 a few months before they stopped manufacturing them. Firmware: UDP20X-65-0131 Here is the symptom:---For the last few years, playback will be interrupted/stopped around the 35-45 minute mark. Video and audio stop, the screen will be frozen or scrambled or...
  2. AndyMcKinney

    Oppo BDP-93 Firmware question

    Sorry for posting this query about a now-ancient player, but I'm having trouble finding reliable info online. I know that the most recent firmware (the one still downloadable from Oppo's site, 9x-82-1009) is one of the 'broken' releases (no more support for ISO, MKV or BD5/BD9 blu-ray discs)...
  3. dpippel


    ** SOLD **
  4. M

    Need recommendation...

    Hi All - New here - thanks for having me. I recently took the jump to an Lg oled and want to feed it some 4K discs. I currently have an Oppo BD-105 which is a great unit for High res music and dvd/blu. However - it is not 4K and their 4K model is outrageously priced as it’s sold out.... So - I’m...
  5. Johnny Angell

    Odd Browser Behavior on HTF

    I don't like to have my browser (safari) window(s) spanning the width of my screen. Lately when I open a post the text is not word-wrapping and goes off the screen on the right. I expand the window to see the text and it word-wraps to fit the expanded window. Just now I did that and after a...
  6. F

    target luminence on oppo udp -205

    hello, what is target luminance on oppo udp- 205(there are 4 of them) and when and how to use them ? kind regards, frans callebaut
  7. F

    oppo udp 205 connecting to yamaha cx-a5100 with analog outputs

    hello, when i want to connect my yamaha cx-a5100 surround processor multi channel through the multi channel outputs of the oppo udp-205 , do i have to adjust the speaker adjustments on the oppo or will the adjustments i have done on the yamaha will have the perfect results ? kind regards...
  8. Everett Painter

    For Sale: Oppo BDP-103 Universal Blu-ray Player *like new*

    Very lightly used Oppo BDP-103 universal blu-ray player. I ended up using it mainly as a network player to pull audio off an external drive. Transport has seen only about 20 hours of use, the unit as a whole around 40-50. I am the original and only owner. The unit is in perfect cosmetic and...
  9. Mark Booth

    Oppo Digital leaving the marketplace! Not an April Fools joke!

    Oppo Digital is saying goodbye! See John Archer's story here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2018/04/02/oppo-shock-popular-av-brand-announces-that-its-time-to-say-goodbye/#3d31d0ff3acc Oppo is saying it will still offer firmware updates from "time to time" but that's not very...
  10. gadgtfreek

    OPPO Digital shutting down!

    Martin Dew Oppo Bids Farewell In today's news is the shock announcement that Oppo Digital - the undisputed stalwarts and standard-bearers for high-quality Blu-ray and multi-disc players - is ceasing manufacture. Apparently the company no longer has 'the resources' to develop and release new...
  11. dpippel

    SOLD: Oppo HA-1 Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier/DAC/Preamp

    ** SOLD **
  12. P

    QNAP NAS Remote Streaming

    Hi All, I've been able to stream content via DLNA from my personal NAS server through my Oppo 203 with no issues. However, I wanted to test if others could join the cloud remotely to watch my MKV ripped movies. 2 different individuals were able to log into my cloud account from 2 different...
  13. Ernest

    Logitech remotes include sequences for OPPO 103 & 203

    I own both the OPPO 103 and 203 and want to know which Logitech remotes include sequences for use with both OPPO players. Sequences is Logitech way of describing "Macros".
  14. M

    Oppo UDP 205 vs. Marantz AV8802A

    Hey all! I have the Marantz AV8802A and just got the Oppo UDP 205. What should I use to decode the audio and video - the Marantz or the Oppo? I'm relatively new to these things. DAC's? I've heard of people setting the receiver to pass-through, setting the Oppo to bitstream, etc. and it's a bit...
  15. Scott Hart

    OPPO Adds Dolby Vision Support to Ultra HD Blu-ray Players

    Scott Hart OPPO Adds Dolby Vision Support to Ultra HD Blu-ray Players MENLO PARK, California – June 6, 2017 – OPPO Digital announced that its UDP-203/UDP-205 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc players can now receive a firmware upgrade that enables the Dolby Vision™ feature. Initially released in...
  16. Johnny Angell

    Oppo BDP-93 For Sale Soon

    I say soon because I've just ordered the 203 and don't want to give up my 93 till I have it's replacement. Are there any HTF members interested? I'm in central Arkansas. It's in good shape, I've taken good care of it. There was a time a year or so ago, maybe more, when it would reject a...
  17. seditious3

    External hard drive direct to asynchronous OPPO input?

    Hi - I have a BDP-105. I want to hook up an external hard drive directly to the asynchronous input on the OPPO. Most hard drive enclosures take a USB 3.0 type B plug, and the OPPO takes a USB 2.0 type B. I cannot find any cable with that configuration. Any ideas, and how are other people...
  18. DavidMiller

    Oppo BDP-83 & BDP-103

    I have two Oppo players available for sale: BDP-83 - $100 BDP-103 - $250 I would prefer to sell them in Washington but would ship. Shipping costs would be extra. If the prices are too high let me know but they seemed reasonable
  19. bronty

    Oppo 203?

    I am considering purchasing the new oppo 203 to add to my system but i am not sure i will get the benefits of this UHD player My system is Marantz NR1606 slimline Philips 55put6400 kef 305 5.1 DM8000(dream box) I would like to use the 203 as my main audio in put for CDs so would connect it to...
  20. dpippel

    SOLD: Oppo BDP-103 Region-Free 3D Universal Player

    ** SOLD **
  21. bigshot

    Before you install the new Oppo firmware update, read this

    I would recommend finding out what is in the current Oppo firmware update before you install it. It may be disabling a pretty major undocumented feature that was discovered a couple of weeks ago. Oppo hasn't said what is in the update. I'd suggest you wait until they do.
  22. A


    Hey Guys, I am a new member to this forum. My name is Ashok, I am from India. A true Movie Buff and love the equipment I use. Hence here to learn and suggest stuff which would enhance our movies experience. I would like to start Talking about UHD Players. In my set-up I am using a Oppo 103D...
  23. Eastmancolor

    Oppo BDP 93 - No Output - HDMI Flashing on Front Display

    Just rewired with all new HDMI cables into a new Pioneer receiver. All has worked great for a week. Worked fine earlier today. Now, nothing. I am not getting any picture, nothing, when I try to watch Blu-ray's. Nothing comes up. Just get a blue screen. "HDMI" is flashing on the front...
  24. Bleach

    New Oppo BDP103D won't display on my Samsung HDTV LCD

    hi just got ir yesterday. finally hooked it up this morning. after many troubleshooting and lots of googling im calling it quits for now. i bought it online and since its Sunday and especially Easter today the store isnt available to get help from. Hope to hear from you talented and...