1. R

    Region free Blu-rays that are "not authorized for sale outside The USA" sold though Amazon outside The USA??

    So I live in Europe and want to buy a Blu-ray release through Amazon, but I noticed the back cover says: "Not authorized for sale outside The USA." Oddly the Blu-ray itself is region free. It's by Warner Brothers and I read that all their Blu-rays are region free. Doesn't that mean they want...
  2. Ronald Epstein

    Some Apple TV+ shows streamed free for a limited time

    Very good news! I personally recommend THE SERVANT.
  3. BobO'Link

    Target B2G1 Free DVD/BR Sale

    Target's currently having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on DVD and BR. This includes pre-orders. The cheapest item in the group will be free. Runs through April 11, 2020. Things seem to go OOS on this one quickly so don't hesitate on those you really want.
  4. Garysb

    Oklahoma Hugh Jackman Friday 3/27 to Sunday 3/29 Free

    Broadway HD is making Oklahoma staring Hugh Jackman available free of charge from 3/27 to 3/29.
  5. ManW_TheUncool

    Currently free streaming of Met Opera and BPO...

    Especially at this time w/ so many staying home, if anyone’s looking for additional streaming options to try out, perhaps consider adding these currently free ones, if you’ve ever been remotely interested in classical music (and/or opera)...
  6. Garysb

    Clint Eastwood The Signature Film Collection [2019] [Region Free] Limited Edition From the UK

    Continue reading...
  7. LeeBob

    UK Digital Codes free for first taker: Blade Runner 2049 & Underworld Blood Wars

    A gift to my fellow forum members on the other side of the Pond. Blade Runner: 2049 3N6B BKT4 098N GSZ7 UnderWorld: Blood Wars - - 30R5 DZ8L 814Y NMH6 I only ask the following: 1) Only take for your own use, do not resell the codes 2) Comment once you have used to save everyone else's time...
  8. Lou Sytsma

    Batman Bonanza - 6 Free Games at Epic Store

    You can get the three Arkham games and three Lego Batman games free till September 26th
  9. David Norman

    Import - Region Free, English Audio: Gnome Alone 3D and Son of Bigfoot 3D

    A couple Brazilian 3D discs. I made a few orders from Brazil during a recent sale with a major Retailer there which has been difficult to do. Ebay prices are rather exorbitant ($45-70ea) even when Ebay has anything. This is the only 3D in the world with English Audio tracks for Bigfoot...
  10. David Norman

    WBShop 4 for $44 + Free Shipping -- "It's Christmas in July!" through 7/19/2019

    "It's Christmas in July!" WBShop 4 for $44 + Free Shipping July 15 through July 19 at 11:59pm PT Appears to include items through April 30 releases and still excludes TV sets, 3D items, and Multidisc sets (Superman, Supergirl...
  11. dpippel

    SOLD: LG BP350 Region Free Blu-ray Player - LIKE NEW

    ** SOLD **
  12. Larry Scott

    Need Recommendations for a Region Free 4k 3D Blu-Ray Player

    About 2 years ago I purchased a LG 4K 3D TV model 60UH85, with a 60” screen. I love 3D movies. Unfortunately, there is a lot of motion blur when I play a 3D blu-ray. I use a X Box One S to play discs. I do not notice the motion blur when I am playing 2D videos. Also, the problems do not...
  13. David Grove

    FREE: Unity Motion UHD-3200

    (Also known as the Princeton Graphics AF3.0HD) This is an absolute blast from the past, likely of niche interest only. So, I won't explain a lot about its technical aspects, but will offer a few comments on its condition (most excellent). Those who may be interested will likely already know...
  14. Garysb

    Peacock Peacock - NBC/Universal Streaming Service (Official Thread)

    Per today's upfronts NBC/Universal will be launching a streaming service in mid 2020 which will be free with ads. NBCUniversal gave the strongest hint yet that classic titles including The Office are set to be on the company’s forthcoming...
  15. dpippel


    ** SOLD **
  16. Gary Seven

    Credit Card miles - how many miles to get a free or reduced ticket.

    Hi Everyone. I am looking to change my credit card strategy and possibly get a card that rewards in miles. The idea is to facilitate traveling by reducing ticket prices or getting them for free. So, in racking up the miles, what is the best card to get considering no black out dates and best...
  17. P

    Free LaserDisc Player

    I am willing to give my Pioneer laserdisc player LD V6000 plus 10 discs to a good home. Pickup only . It worked the last time I used it. Looks very good. I live about 20 miles west of Boston in Natick, MA.