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FREE: Unity Motion UHD-3200 (1 Viewer)

David Grove

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Apr 6, 1999
(Also known as the Princeton Graphics AF3.0HD)

This is an absolute blast from the past, likely of niche interest only. So, I won't explain a lot about its technical aspects, but will offer a few comments on its condition (most excellent). Those who may be interested will likely already know something of this CRT monitor (as it made a huge splash back in the day), those who are unfamiliar with it or its history are quite unlikely to be interested in it.

I purchased this monitor new, during the bankruptcy liquidation. I believe it was in 2001. I used it 2 or 3 times per week for maybe 6 - 9 months. Then we moved, and it got put into storage (early 2002), with the intent of using it in a Home Theater room. Never happened. It has remained in storage and unused ever since. I would like to "reclaim that space it takes up" (it is a big and heavy thing), but, it I can hardly bring myself to send it to the garbage (soft spot in my heart for it).

If anyone wants it, it is available free

There are two catches:

1) Although it was working perfectly when it went into storage, it has not been operated since early 2002. No representation is made with respect to condition.

2) I live in Alaska, and the buyer would need to pay shipping. I suspect that might run around $200, but can check the specifics if anyone is interested. I have not tried to put it back in the original packaging, but that was also in storage, so there is a reasonable expectation that it would remain intact. Again, no guarantee on that.

David Grove
Juneau, AK

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