1. Winston T. Boogie

    For the love of movies: The Past, Present, and Future of Cinema and what makes us fans

    The reason I am starting this thread is I do enjoy discussing cinema from various angles and I feel like these conversations get going in other threads about specific films and can end up derailing the thread for people looking just to talk about that specific film. This thread will be meant...
  2. Dario1971

    HTPC connect to DAC for Home Cinema

    Hi all. I have to connect an HTPC to a Yamaha RX-A3080, in order to view my movies. Because HTPC it is 20 meters away from Yamaha RX-A3080, how many ways you know I can use? Thanks in advanced.
  3. MikeSme

    help choosing NEC NP-PA500 or Epson Cinema 550 projector?

    Epson Cinema 550: $175 1400 lumen 3000:1 contrast or- NEC NP-PA500x: $350 5000 lumen 2000:1 contrast in the process of wiring the ceiling, (9' height) I can hang them at any distance back from the screen. it's a "110 electric DRAPER Cinescreen. Thanks.
  4. Ronald Epstein

    Amazon Launches ‘Prime Cinema’ for Early Digital Movie Releases

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  5. andySu

    Testing the Lebowski cinema seats

    I noticed when watching The Big Lebowski on amazon last year, that the cinema seats appear to be rocker seats. Any idea on manufacture name and make of model?
  6. D


    R. Dixon Smith 455 East Nees Avenue, Apartment 263 Fresno, California 93720 Film historian R. Dixon Smith offers classic DVDs for sale at bargain prices: CRITERION COLLECTION, MASTERS OF CINEMA, SILENT CINEMA, ALFRED HITCHCOCK, MARLENE DIETRICH, & ANIMATION. Discs, cases, artwork...
  7. andySu

    My Home THX Cinema 21kw x132 JBL speakers

    Denon AVR-X8500H Dolby Atmos with some modifications. DOLBY STEREO CP200 cinema processor perhaps best one made for 70mm THX approved Duel Sony SDDS DFP-D3000 x4 DCX2496 DSP crossover management Lucasfilm Ltd THX sound system crossover monitor Panasonic 900 THX and 9000 THX UHD 4k HD-DVD bluray...
  8. B

    Best Cinematic Headphones

    Hello all. Thank you for reading... I am putting together a theater in my apartment. I have neighbors on all sides, so I expect to be using headphones much of the time. While I've mostly been able to find what I need through research, solid advice on headphones has been hard to come by. For...
  9. Garysb

    International The African Queen -Masters of Cinema UK Release

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  10. V

    Oculus Quest HMD for 3D Cinema Experiences

    Greetings All, I recently picked up an Oculus Quest and have found incredible value in this wireless HMD (Head-Mounted Display) as a 3D virtual cinema. Having ripped a couple Blu-Ray's, the free SkyBox app coupled with its AirScreen desktop program allows to wirelessly stream local media to...
  11. D


    DVD SALES LIST. Film historian R. Dixon Smith has issued a list of classic DVDs for sale at bargain prices, including CRITERION COLLECTION, EUREKA / MASTERS OF CINEMA, JAPANESE CINEMA, GERMAN CINEMA, RUSSIAN CINEMA, SILENTS, and SERIALS. Such friends as Kevin Brownlow, Jon C. Mirsalis, Richard...
  12. Panamint Cinema

    Panamint Cinema Sale

    All DVDs and Blu-rays on sale for only £10.99. Cost to US, £14.16, incl airmail. Offer include: Madame X, Inferno 3D, Canyon Passage, Battle for Music Abilene Town and more.
  13. M

    Calling AV enthusiasts! Custom Cinema £50,000 to spend on hardware, would love help with decisions..

    Hello everyone, I am a novice in this area and would be very grateful for any help with finalising the hardware spec list for our cinema build. Although I am no expert on the 'tech' side of things I do greatly appreciate a beautiful picture and sound (hence this build!) and really want to get...
  14. Sam Posten

    2019 Apple Cinema Display refresh

    'Micro LED'? Whatever. Assuming it can really pull off WCG and HDR and doesn't cost $5k, it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine!
  15. MarthaB

    Best Cinema Smart TV?

    Hello! Any brand recommendations of smart tvs for our home theater???? So far my options are Evervue and Samsung? Any thoughts? Also tvs that are cheaper but with great quality. Thanks.
  16. King Mustard

    How much would you sell a Pioneer HTP-072 home cinema package for?

    Pioneer HTP-072 5.1 home cinema package Pioneer VSX-324-K-P AV receiver (2013 model) 4K passthrough (HDCP 1.4) iPod/iPad/iPhone support S-22W-P subwoofer S-11A-P satellite speakers I have looked on eBay UK and I'm struggling to find an ideal price for what these go for. It cost me around...
  17. RolandL

    3D World’s First! Introducing the Ultimate 3-Dimensional Experience, ‘3D Cinema LED’

    Anyone see this article?
  18. Winston T. Boogie

    Russian and Soviet cinema

    So, turn on the news today and it is all Russia, Russia, Russia...well, I have a real interest in taking a much deeper dive into Soviet and Russian cinema. Now, I am aware of and have seen the pictures that are widely available and praised here but I was looking to go beyond folks like...
  19. 7

    ADA CINEMA Rapture

    I have a cinema rapture that I got used and want to change the programmed settings but don't know how. The screen reads for Apple TV and a McIntosh I don't have either of those and don't want it to read that anymore. Any help is appreciated.
  20. C


    On Friday 4 August it will be 100 years since the Paramount cinema in Wellington, New Zealand first opened. No celebrations are planned ,as far as I know. I fondly remember working there as a teenager in the fifties ( as did my mother).It gave me a great appreciation of being able to see...
  21. P

    Which is the best site to sell used but perfect M&K K7 and K4 home cinema speakers with K9 subwoofer

    I'm new to this site but I'm hoping that someone can advise where I can sell used Miller & Kreisel home cinema speakers: 3x front K7, 2x rear K4, 1x K9 subwoofer. I live in Glasgow and bought them from a specialist audio shop around 15 years ago but they are in perfect condition - only used for...
  22. Dave Upton

    The Upton Cinema - A Work In Progress

    My home theater has been a work in progress for most of the last 5 years. Without a dedicated space to build it out the way I'd love to (AT screen, sound isolation etc), I've mostly focused on optimizing the equipment and acoustics of my 18x12x9 space. I chose to go with Legacy Audio speakers...
  23. T

    Cinema Cult --THE OTHER --Question

    Does anyone know if this bluray is region free?
  24. C

    epson home cinema 5040ub on sale at BB and other places

    Just wanted to let everyone know what they probably already know. $500 off the Epson 5040ub at BB. $2500 is a steal for this baby.
  25. Brian Dobbs

    2.40:1 vs. 1.85:1 In The Age Of Digital Cinema

    Two things to consider here... Back in the age of film, some directors would use wide angle lenses to capture wide vistas to a squarish film negative, to then apply anamorphic stretching to project the wide image in the theater. 2.35/2.40 films were technically "larger" (wider) than other...
  26. RobertR

    My Dolby Cinema experience

    I rarely go to movie theaters. The picture and sound from my home theater is so good that it takes a lot to get me to the theater. However, people have been talking so much about Dolby Cinemas, and how much better they are than the typical movie theater, that I decided to give it a try. I...
  27. New World Orders

    LED Movie Poster LED Light Box Cinema Frames

    Hello everyone! I'm Jesse and my company New World Orders, sells LED Light Box Poster Frames. We are located in Kansas City, MO and our frames are US made, warranty backed. Check us out Or message me at [email protected] or here.