Yet another which one should I get ???

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Paul-D, Apr 30, 2007.

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    Hello all. Hope all is going well for you today. I do have another which one should I get question. First my situation. I am moving from a condo to an appartment and am not allowed to set up my InFocus 4805 projector. So, I need to get a new TV. With that being the case, I want something that is 1080p so I do not have to worry about upgrading for quite some time.
    I will use my new tv for SD, HD via Cable box, XBox 360 games and HD-DVD via the 360 with HD-DVD player add on.
    The TV's I am looking at are as follows:
    Samsung HL-S6767W
    JVC HD-61FB97 or HD-61FN97
    Mitsubishi WD-65831
    Mitsubishi WD-65732

    Please stick to the tv's listed above and do NOT suggest other tv's. I am only interested in these tv's for now. Please tell me you thoughts on which one and why.
    Thanks all in advance
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    IMO, LCoS is almost always better than DLP. So, the choice there is easy for me: JVC. I'd go for the FN over the FB though.

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