Would Seperate Amps Be too much power?

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    I have boston acoustics VR950 Fronts and boston VR920 Center, with Anthony Gallo Micros as my surrounds. My question is that If I went with seperate Amps say 200W per Chanel and just used my Denon 3802 for processing would that be too much power for these speakers? They are not rated for up to 200W the Bostons can take aroun 150W and the Gallos only 100W. Also, would I notice that much of a difference using seperate amps to power the speakers? If these speakers can't handle that kind of power, what would you all sugest I get for speakers
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    You can never have too much poweri[​IMG] (not quite too, but close enough)What normally causes damage to a speaker is an underpowered amp clipping and sending distortion to the speakers, burning out tweeters and melting voice coils. Running an amp with 200w to a speaker that can handle 100w is far better than the other way around. Also, unless you are listening very loud, your amp will not be sending out anywhere near 200w. The speaker sensitivity determines how must power the speaker requires to produce a certain sound level. A common sensitivity might be 90 dB @ 1 watt, meaning that with 1 watt of power the speaker will play at 90 dB which is quite loud. A separate amp will improve the sound quite substantially in my opinion. Just check out some of the threads of people who have gone to separate amps for more opinions.
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    James, I've always had bigger amps than my speakers said they were "rated for". I'm not really familar with your speakers but they'll sound better with bigger, likely better amps. Even if you had 100 wpc amps you couldn't just turn the volume all the way up...no! The same will be true with 200 wpc, just to a greater degree.
    200 wpc amps almost always impart more detail into music. They really respond much better to the huge spikes that happen in action films too. Once you have the big bad amp, all your speaker options are wide open, within reason, of course.
    I have 200 wpc with Paradigm Monitor speakers. I don't think they're rated for that much, so what! Speaker ratings are just a general guide to what you should use. When or if I decide to trade up to even nicer speakers I'm set already, within reason of course....Best wishes!

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