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Mar 16, 2022
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Joe Budman
First, I am a speaker newbie so please allow me to apologize for asking what might be stupid questions. :)

I am looking for advice on the best way to connect 8 transducers to an amp for a haptic setup. Each transducer has an impedance of 8 ohm, and a power rating of 5W RMS / 10W peak. The amp impedance range is either 2-8 ohm (specs) or 3-8 ohm (printed on the amp itself), and can output 100W.

How best to combine the transducers in series and parallel to match the amp?

Using an online impedance calculator (https://geoffthegreygeek.com/speakers-in-series-parallel-calculator/), I came up with the following options so far:

Option A: Connect 3 in series, 3 in series, and 2 in series. Then connect the 3 sets in parallel. Total impedance: 6.86 ohm. Some transducers receive 8.3W and others receive 18.7W. Max power is 87W.
Option B: Connect pairs in series. Then connect the 4 pairs in parallel. Total impedance: 4 ohm. All transducers receive 18.7W. Max power is 150W, which might damage the amp or distort sound.

1. Is Option A or B better, or even another combination?
2. What are the considerations for choosing the overall impedance? Is it best to aim for 2 ohm, 8 ohm, or somewhere in the middle?
3. I already have the transducers and amp, and I would like to come up with something appropriate for this equipment without buying something else.

Much obliged for any suggestions and advice!

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